HPC Prize -- Magnetized!





Introduction: HPC Prize -- Magnetized!

Just a quick little mod I did to put magnets on a prize I got from the Harry Potter Contest.



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    I wish I came up with that idea

    No need to "harvest" magnets from those cute magnetic pushpins though!

    Tiny magnets like this can be bought for mere pennies from a number of sources. DealExtreme, for example, has a 20-pack for $1.63, with free shipping - that's about 8 cents per magnet!

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    Nice! I think those magnets are stronger than the ones I used -- they're pretty weak. I also got these in 10 packs from the dollar store, so it kinda evens out with shipping and such. But if I need stronger magnets, I'll be sure to look there! Thanks!

    Sometimes, these new little magnets can be too strong for their own good. They can be damn hard to separate from each other, and you definitely don't want them to cling to the fridge stronger than your glue can handle! :-)

    Haha yea. I only did hot glue in case I didn't like the end result. Definitely a good catch man.

    Oh man, that prize looks awesome!
    And a great idea too!

    By the way, I liked the Magnetized group, pretty cool, I joined. :-)

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    Hey thanks! Spread the magnetic news!

    Sweet. Everything should probably be magnetized.

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