HPI Crawler King Knex Mods With Video!





Introduction: HPI Crawler King Knex Mods With Video!

Over the weekend I decided to modify my HPI Crawler King using Knex.
     I replaced the aluminum sway bars with Knex sway bars because mine got bent. I also made knex upper shock mounts where the shocks attach with the screws facing perpendicular to the truck instead parallel with it. This gives it an extra 2''(5cm) of wheel travel for a total of almost 8"(20cm) of wheel travel! Wow!

Enjoy the video!




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    please give us the video of it in action, I love knex and rock crawlers. I have an entirely knex crawler that i'm waiting to post until the knex contest starts.

    thanks for the video, I am considering putting up a video instructable of my crawler aswell!

    Your welcome. You should. It would be awesome!

    Seeing that quite a few people want to see a video I'll try to post one before the end of the week.

    Your knex crawler sounds awesome! Can't wait to see it!

    I want the video of it in action!

    Thanks for the video, it really explains how this mod works in practice. Looks like you've achieved some good ground clearance with the K'NEX, how durable is it at speed?

    Your welcome. It holds up great! I went mud boggin' with it yesterday.