Introduction: HSR - 4 Make a Shrub and Tree Soaker Hose

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Watering a tree or shrub with just a hose and a nozzle is often a bad idea. Both of theses plants need somewhat infrequent but really deep watering. Some sort of soaking device is a good idea ( flooding nozzles at low flow rate are ok ). Some nozzles dig a hole or jet out of position. Reuse a bit of old hose instead.

Step 1: ​Build It

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I usually use a 3 to 5 foot scrap of old hose. It does not matter if it or its connector leaks a bit as you will make it leak more. If it does not have a female connector add one ( Quick & Easy Hose Repair for a Dollar or Great, Easy and Cheap Hose Repair for the Garden and Elsewhere ). Close off the other end, I have put a stopper in it or folded it over and fasten it with wire, nothing fancy is needed. Drill a bunch of holes in it.

Step 2: ​Use It

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Attach to the end of a hose with a regulating valve just before the soaker. I usually water for from 30 to 60 minutes. Adjust the flow so water does not pool and run off. When done you may dig a bit to check the penetration. Since the flow is low you can use Y connectors and water several trees at a time. I like to use a timer.


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