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HTML- hyper text markup language......

i made this project for my bro in his high-school project. html is a simple n easy language..... there are several books and tutorial available in google... BUT ALWAYS MAKES SURE THAT ALL THE CONTAINS SUCH AS PIC, TEXT FILES AND HTML FILE ARE IN THE SAME FOLDER.. DOT TRY TO MAKE THINGS TOO COMPLICATED.... use

x:\HTML\.............. x= drive name(c,d,e etc)

Step 1:

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first i collect all pic and resources data, information what ever i need for my project. and put all them together in a file name "HTML".

here i used total of 8 page.. and binding them together and make my total project.

Step 2: Html Files

download .rar files... unzip.... folder name 'HTML' and move this folder to the D: drive.....

such as D:/HTML

Step 3:

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right click on ack.html----------> open with 'internet explore'.......... click link........njoy


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pyarion (author)gogoguy2014-09-07

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