(HTP) Hiyadudez' Turret Pistol

This is my pistol with the TR8 turret on the front, it is very accurate and sturdy. Even though I only have 1 rubberband on the ram, this pistol p[acks one hell of a punch (see the video)

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Cool i have the same that you <br>
OBJECTION! You're british and i can prove it &gt;:) YOUR ACCENT!!!
looks cool I'll try to make later 5*
i like it! post!
Sweet, thanks! And yeah, I'm making instructions now, I'm doing them on MLcad so they are clear and easy to follow :-)
sounds great! id build it, since you built my pistol! for my tribute to ksc, im making him a ball machine!
It IS&nbsp;posted.
Your above comment:<br /> <br /> 'sounds great!<strong> id build it, since you built my pistol!</strong> for my tribute to ksc, im making him a ball machine!'<br /> <br /> ...
ok.! lolz! (my ball machine is going to have 4-5 tracks, im done 2 of them....)
Cool! Pictures yet?<br /> <br /> So I guess your not going to build it then?
ill build it right after my ball machine, sorry... (i will probably have them on friday because i want to finish it now...)<br />
*still waits*
haha lolz!!!
what happened to k~sc
?&nbsp; the ball machine i made him is on the topic!<br />
no but why did you make him one? what happened to him?
look on hiyadudez topic, knexer tributes,?<br />
o I thaught he'd quit knex then for a moment
lol!<br />
=D<br />
Im not gonna keep on this time (you removed me from your top 5 ppl :(&nbsp; )<br /> wuu2 im eating cocolate and are you irish
youll be back up if you stop... ? wtf<br />
are you irish?
yep, y<br />
I&nbsp;thought you were I toured Ireland last year<br />
k, where abouts, and where are u from?<br />
corck and southern ireland. Im welsh<br />
k, i live in dublin...<br />
Sweet, how big?
not too big, about 2 tracks and 2 small towers, big enough tho....
Make it in the form of a safe and a bomb on top.<br />
its nearly done! its&nbsp;a 3 track ball machine!
&nbsp;how is going to tribute him? is it a ball machine where the track spells out KSC???
im building a ball machine dedicated to him.......
dude this gun is so awsome i find it so awsome that i rate 5*
Thanks, instructions are over there if you wanna build &gt;&gt;&gt;
BRITISH PEOPLE SOUND KEWL<br /> <br /> what were those blue glowy thingies under that table ?<br /> <br />
Thanks, also those blue glowy thingies under that table were these tube lights on my computer monitor.
thats the computer itself, not the monitor .&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; : )<br />
&nbsp;tube lights?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> (lights in a tube?)<br />
&nbsp;-SICK- thats epic<br /> <br /> my mac doesnt have one of those box thingies, its computer thingo is inside the moniter&nbsp;<br />

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