Introduction: HVAC Work Van Hose Reel

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Turn a old refrigerant tank into a hose reel for your van.

Step 1: Mark and Cut Off the Bottom.

Picture of Mark and Cut Off the Bottom.

I used a sharpie to mark the bottom and a air cut off tool to remove the bottom.

Step 2: Smooth Rough Edges.

Picture of Smooth Rough Edges.

I used a angle grinder to smooth the rough edges.

Step 3: Cut the Handle to Become the Bracket and to Gain Access to Remove the Valve.

Picture of Cut the Handle to Become the Bracket and to Gain Access to Remove the Valve.

I used the same cut off tool to cut the handle. Then I bent the smaller end down and cut off the valve.

Step 4: Make the Mounting Bracket.

Picture of Make the Mounting Bracket.

I heated up the larger handle to bend towards the tank. This will allow it to sit closer to the van wall.

Step 5: Cut a Storage Compartment.

Picture of Cut a Storage Compartment.

Cut the tank in HALF. The initial idea was to fold part up to hold on the hose but it wasn't working so well as you will see later.
After you cut it in half insert the bottom into the tank as shown.

Step 6: Weld the Bottom Into the Tank As Shown.

Picture of Weld the Bottom Into the Tank As Shown.

Do not weld tge upper half. Picture 3 and 4 show why. You will cut the upper half off leaving a storage compartment.

Step 7: Failed Step.

Picture of Failed Step.

I tried to heat up and bend up the upper half of the tank but it wasn't worth the effort. So I removed the upper half which is why next time I'd just cut the tank in half.

Step 8: Make a Hose Stop.

Picture of Make a Hose Stop.

I welded on a BOCA plate to the tank top. Any metal will work. I smoothed the edges and Primed.

Step 9: The Install.

Picture of The Install.

Hook the handle into and through the van divider wall holes.

Step 10: Finished

Picture of Finished

Hang your hose.


hdmotorc (author)2016-02-16

Graydog111 leaving a comment on someone's post to promote your own is rude. However I did humor you and looked at yours. You say yours is better. It's different and serves a different purpose. You said yours is easier and cheaper. You went out and bought a hose reel to make a hose reel? Yeah I'd say that's easier not cheaper? Still not the same thing. Mines states HVAC van not Plumbing van. Why? Because a plumber most likely would not have a old, used, free R-22 tank. Get it?

graydog111 (author)2016-02-15

I like your idea and appreciate the work you put in on making it......very ingenious.

.......but there is a better, easier, cheaper way.

See this post:

mfann72 (author)2015-08-30

Great idea!

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