OKAY this is a cool way to add some personality to your desk at work, or you work bench.
this simple project looks great requires little maintenance.
It can be completely modified for just about any materials you have.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
-small bottle or similar container (shorter and fatter the better)
-assorted tubes, test tubes, etc.
-seeds, (lentils or alfalfa grow really fast!!)
-drill or hole poking device
-knife of some sort
-glue? is that a material or a tool?

Step 2:

Picture of
no big deal get them sorta close to centered.
DON'T CUT YOUR FINGER OFF!! lids are hard to cut
use a sharp knife go slow and just do it.

Step 3:

Picture of
drill holes at the edges of the slits this will give them flex
and you won't crack the lid. This is the most important step!! (almost)

Step 4:

holes in the tube are for the roots to grow through
and for the water to enter into the tube.

Step 5: YOUR DONE!!!

Picture of YOUR DONE!!!
Add water and seeds!!
Yah it's cool cheep simple and really cool looking
all you cubical buddies will be so jealous!!
Jordan Dyck3 years ago
i work at canadian tire and just sold a kid that same knife/hole poking device.
Cool idea!  How does this look with a plant in it?

What plants do you think you could grow to eat?  I can't see anything getting very big in this system, and you'll need to provide nutrients somehow if you want to have something with extended growth.
sciman1 (author) 5 years ago
yah it is pretty cool!
why not drill than cut it would be easyer that way
zaczac5 years ago
ChrysN6 years ago
This looks interesting, I'd love to see pictures of the seeds growing.
lemonie6 years ago
That's a blood-sample tube isn't it? Could this be finished-off with an example of how it does or should look on your desk? L