I know what you're thinking..."That sounds gross!" But it is surprisingly good! Some of you may have heard of jalapeno chocolate cake or jalapeno chocolate candy; these were indeed inspirations for this cake. I had originally made it for a coworker who loves Habaneros. I think he was just kidding when he requested a Habanero cake but thought it would be a fun novelty cake even if it wasn't edible. Here I show how to reproduce that cake, along with a jalapeno section, and a confetti cake section for the more faint of heart in the office. (Read: if the Habanero cake is inedible you still have some cake to celebrate with.)

Step 1: Materials

2 boxes of chocolate cake mix & necessary ingredients instructed on box
1 box of confetti cake mix & necessary ingredients instructed on box
6 Habaneros (3 for cooking 3 for show)
5 Jalapenos (3 for cooking, 2 or show)
1 bunch of cinnamon disks (1 wrapped for show)
Enough frosting for your cake (This will depend on how many layers and how much frosting you like on your cakes)

Baking pans for cake (use what ever shapes you want)
Rigid cardboard covered with foil (or equivalent serving tray)
Food processor (a blender might work in a pinch but I haven't tried it)
Mortar and pestle
Frosting bag with your favorite tip.

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