Step 2: Open & Remove the Un-Needed

First thing is to open up the power supply.

Remove the four phillips screws that hold the cover on the power supply, and then remove the cover. The cover is actually 3 sides, or half the power supply. Seperate the two parts.

Inside, you will see lots of wire, a circuit board, a fan, and the switch and power port.

Remove the four screws holding in the cooling fan. Unplug the fan from the circuit board, and then set it to the side as material for one of your future projects.

Remove the screws holding down the circuit board. Then locate the wires from the switch and power connector, and follow them to where they connect on the board. Snip the wires close to the board to maximize the length of the cut wire, still attached to the switch and power connector.

Remove the circuit board and set to the side.

You now have a mostly empty box with just a couple of wires on the switch and power supply. We'll reuse those as part of the project. You should have enough wire to reach the battery and the light bulb.