Step 6: Handle

One classic element of a lantern is a distinct handle, separate from the body of the light.
(Unlike a flashlight, where you simply grasp around the entire shape of the flashlight.)

Usually, I would use some bolts and spacers, and a cross-piece of wood or metal to build a handle. However, I didn't have any material handy that seemed to suit it - other than the wires still connected to the circuit board, set aside earlier.

Those wires were bundled tightly together, and the diameter was about right to be comfortable in the hand. I cut the bundle of wires close to the surface of the board.

I measured the diameter of the wire bundle by feeding it through a drill index. If seemed to fit best in the 1/2" hole. That meant than I could drill 1/2" holes through the sheet metal, and then feed the wires right through. I drilled two holes, centered side-to-side. There were already two stamp marks in the metal about 3/4" from either end, so I used those as a reference for how far in from the ends to drill.

With the holes drilled, I fed the cut end of the wires through from the inside of the case, up and over the top, and back through the other hole. The original computer power board connector is too large to fit through the hole, so it acts as a stop. 

On the other end. I wrapped two zip-ties around the wire to bind them in place. Then I folded back the extra wire, zip-tied it again, and cut off the excess wires.