Step 7: Assembly

With the wiring finished and the handle done, the whole thing just has to be assembled back together.

Now is the time to glue in place the lamp and the battery.

I glued the lamp in place with silicon glue. It works well over a range of temperatures. The lamp will get warm with use, so hot-glue would be a poor choice.

On the other hand, a hot-glue gun worked great to glue the battery into the case. I also glued two bits of scrap foam to act as spacers between the battery and the cover.

Once the glue is cool/dry, reassemble the cover onto the case (minding the foam padding and wire handle) and put the four cover screws back in.

To recharge, I just hook up the small battery charger I already had to the two charging pins, which I noted the polarity of.
elic2 years ago
You left the 220/115v plug and used it to charge the battery. It is a safety problem - someone can plug through it the battery to the 220/115 volt and blow the battery! Please destroy the plug or make it unusual.

Things like that are fine when it’s only the creator using it. If it was going to be mass produced and sold, obviously you’d want to change that.

kp912 years ago
whenever I need a charger, switching power supply, or the like, I can usually find one at my local Habitat for Humanity store for next to nothing. Everything from 3v to 24v has been there at least once.

good value for you and for the community
nsnip2 years ago
This is all kinds of awesome! Did you consider mounting the battery charger inside of the case and using the power supply's cable to charge?
bennelson (author)  nsnip2 years ago
I didn't, just because I already had a "wall-wort"-style charger that is already exactly the right charger for this battery. However, I really LIKE the idea of having an integrated charger, just because it would be so cool just to run the power cord right from the wall into the power supply.