Have you ever wanted MORE to come out of those little Christmas Crackers than some cheap toy and a slip of paper which is supposed to have some slightly funny joke written on it? Well I think most of us hope for more than that - I mean the design is so royal looking and beautiful, but the inside is so... laughable! So here's an alternative with a BANG to wrapping your own small gifts this year. Some ideas of what to put inside:

Gift Cards
Love Letters
Wedding ring
Emergency Chocolate
Candy canes
Chocolate Kisses
USB stick / SD card
Keys to car / Apartment
Earphone Jacks
Bracelet / Necklace
Paper Butterflies
Multi-Tool Key
Pill Bottle Survival Kit

Step 1: Materials

I'm going to keep it simple, so basically what you need is the following: 

Christmas Crackers
Ribbon (if you end up cutting it instead of untying)
Scotch Tape (If you rip it)
Goodies to put inside
Gift Tags
15 minuets

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