Hack Ikea Ljusa Crank LED Flashlight into an Emergency USB Charger

Picture of Hack Ikea Ljusa Crank LED Flashlight into an Emergency USB Charger
This is my first instructable. Note: I WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE!

If you live anywhere there is a risk of losing household power and you don't have alternative sources of electricity, you might find this useful.

What you need:

- Ikea Ljusa Crank LED Flashlight ($6+tax)
- USB extension cable
- A drill and drill bit with the same diameter as the USB extension cable
- Soldering iron/gun and solder of course
- Voltmeter or multitester (useful for checking)
- Philips screwdriver
- Knife or precision screwdriver (for prying open)

Step 1: 1. Start prying

Picture of 1. Start prying
Using a knife or flat precision screwdriver, carefully lift off the front cover. Sorry for the blurred image.

After I pried the cover off, I found out it is screwed on. I assume it was also glued because I could not unscrew it.
hudasx (author) 2 years ago
They're don't use batteries. They use a capacitor.
wingerr2 years ago
Were you able to determine what kind of batteries are used in this light?
hudasx (author) 2 years ago
Poesis is right, you don't have to keep cranking but you do have to do so every so often (just like when you are using the flashlight).
very nice! do you have to continuously crank while the phone is charging?
No, there are batteries inside the flashlight. Make sure to crank it after awhile so the battery do not die so quickly.