This Instructables is to show you how to recover music from your ipod without any software.

this Instructables is for education purposes, and incase you need to recover your music, in no way should this be used to illegally obtain music. I also take no responsibility to any harm done to your computer or Ipod.**

All you need:
Ipod (I used an Ipod mini not sure if other models will work)

Step 1: Connect Ipod

First Connect your ipod, pretty simple...
My newish lap top pc does not recognise my device IPOD 4 yrs old 160 GB I. I gave my old lap away and have used other pc's in internet stores a couple times; I need help... Going Mad in Oxford , UK cheers
This Instructable is for Mac users. If you run Windows, just launch Windows Explorer (the file manager thingy) and maneuver to the iPod_Control and Music folders to do the same work.<br><br>IF you don't know how to launch Windows Explorer (there are many ways) just RIGHT-click on the Start Button and left-click on Explore. Maneuver your way in the left pane to the drive letter that represents your iPod.
you useing software
True, I meant without having to download software from the Internet
i see what you mean (i dont have a mac)
You can do the same thing in windows with the command prompt. its really easy...
*cough<a href="http://i-funbox.com" rel="nofollow">iFunBox</a>cough*<br />
An easier way to backup your stuff is to copy sharepod to your ipod, run it, and click the backup button. Then you get all your files in a correctly named folder structure and file names.

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