To find out how to do this without an RSS and HTTP server, and more (links to compatible digital frames, software, etc) follow this link.

In this video I demonstrate how to build a 'live' wifi digital photo frame. By 'live' I mean that every few seconds it will be updated with a picture just taken from a web cam. 

Its a good way to put some use back into an old webcam. It can be used for security, a baby monitor, or to send live images to a picture frame across the world. This is what I will be using it for. I live in Southern Brazil and will be sending live images to my parents living room in North America.

The wireless digital picture frame that I am using is a D-Link DSM 210.

Also in this video:
1:34 How to make an USB extension cord
2:40 How to solder without a soldering iron

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