Hack My Hoodie




Introduction: Hack My Hoodie

This is a two fold idea. One, this prevents the drawstring from being pulled into the hood eyelets by adding beads or jewelry like small charms and figurines. Second one can hang a pair of eyeglass, pen or a key in the loop created at the tip of the drawstring. Simple and fast to make.

Step 1: Items Needed

1. Two plastic beads, any color you wish.

2. Two pieces of heat shrink cut into about 3/4" Long X 1/4" Diameter

3. Scissors

4. Hair Dryer

Step 2: Install Beads, and Heat Shrink

1. Run the beads up the draw sting as shown.

2. Run the heat shrink up the draw string as shown and loop the end of the draw string back into the heat shrink.

3. Heat both the looped ends of drawstring on high heat with hair dryer.

4. Use the scissors to hold the draw string down while heating to prevent burning your hands.

Step 3: Heat Shrink Complete

This is what it should look like after you are finished heating the heat shrink. You can add multiple beads an other small items like charms or figurines as desired.



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