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How to "hack" webcams from all around the world, with one tool.
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Step 1: Open IE or Firefox

Picture of Open IE or Firefox
Go to google and search up


Here you will find any webcam hooked up to the internet, your even able to control some of them!

Step 2: Other....

If you want to see this happen, go to

and check out this kids vid.
lspicer3 months ago

If you wanted to hack a private webcam you first have to trick the owner into downloading a Trojan virus. Or what is also known as a back door app. BO2K was and still is the most popular. Only it does not work on Linux or OX and it doesn't work on Windows 7,8 or 8.1. On XP and older OS's you could yous it to control any part of the computer in the background undetected.

Jagro1017 months ago

Through this could you possibly figure out somebody's ip address?

This one worked for me. I used it a long time ago though. I don't know if it's still functional:
abran52 years ago
I wanted to learn how to hack webcams without being a script kiddie
mmeno12 years ago
I have a specific persons ip address and i would like to hack into their webcam, any suggestions?
vhalimi3 years ago
I cant see this
andy10876 years ago
is there a program i can buy to hack my friends webcam ?
westin (author)  andy10876 years ago
Most of them are just scams...
rgk52 westin4 years ago
hi westin can u tell me which spycam can only be trust? thx
geco4ever5 years ago
no respects real hackers anymore....... :(
There is a fine line between hacking and cheating during a game. Hacking is if u are smart and u do it by urself. Cheating is if u download a program. Hacking means ure smart :D
any one no a strip club cam jkjkjkjkk na do they btw wut if u see some one die t
chriscc636 years ago
well it gets my voyer stamp of approval, but I would like to actually hack one that were not allowed to see.
you can. you can potentially do this to any webcam/security camera connected to the internet(even if not in use)
My Webcam is connected to the Internet, and I guarantee you won't find it this way (nor will you be able to view it if you discover a way to identify it). You're actually better off googling for "view webcam" - and you won't get in any trouble with the camera owner that way, since if it's linked in this way, the owner wants you to take a look. You're on your own if you are doing this at school or work, though.
clayball975 years ago
can't you get arrested for this
famous906 years ago
oi dude u are a freckin genius it totally works
mr.cee6 years ago
its not a web cam its a web based cctv camera theres a diferance and you can get arrested for doing it in the uk for breaching of human rights
Estwald mr.cee6 years ago
If it's on the web, not encrypted, or password protected then it is defacto public domain. No privacy laws violated.
Hycro Estwald6 years ago
That is true, but wouldn't it be possible for such a camera accidentally being not encrypted or password protected?
Estwald Hycro6 years ago
No. Just as ignorance of the law is no defense failure to read the documentation for setting up one of these cameras is no basis for claims of breach of privacy. Most of these type of cameras the choice to password protect or not is an active decision made during setup. I don't know of any of them that come with encryption,.so encryption not being mentioned at all in the documentation should be a tip off that you need a different solution if you desire to encrypt the feed.
Estwald6 years ago
inurl:/view/index.shtml actually only gives you AXIS brand Network cameras, also known as IP Cameras. The " /view/index.shml " is their default for their server in their camera software. For more info on these cameras check out their web site.
Axis Network Cameras
nathanzhang6 years ago
Please go find something more productive to do. It's 2300 EDT, and I'm goin' to bed!
craig36 years ago
Is it all just random webcams or would i be able to find my friends house and his webcam?
if you could get his ip adress maybe
oh really? intriguing
westin (author)  craig36 years ago
This trick is for random only...sorry
n4zou6 years ago
I haven't had this much fun since my first bug zapper!
im not sure that counts as "hack" as much as "knowing how to use the internet" but cool lil trick still
westin (author)  Dungeonbrownies6 years ago
Haha, yeah...