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thank you for giving me idea for to fix my problem of xp by pass my password.. i already solve this problem of my... if ever i have some problem just ask here in this furom! have good day! thank you! <br>
This video also show the steps about recovering WIndows XP admin password,I fell it is as good as this. <br> <br>http://youtu.be/faqKIt2K9OM
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Great post! At one time I forgot windows password. I created a windows password reset disk with a program from <a href="http://www.windowsloginrecovery.com/" rel="nofollow">http://www.windowsloginrecovery.com/</a> and I successfully reset the forgotten password with the disk.
For computers that don't have a CD/DVD drive, or it's been disabled, you can use <a href="http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/" rel="nofollow">U</a><a href="http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/" rel="nofollow">Netbootin</a>. You will need a flash drive for it to work.<br> <br> NOTE: Some computers will have the BIOS password protected. This means that you can't boot via CD or USB.
If you want an easier way to do the same thing, go <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/The-USB-Computer-Lockpick/" rel="nofollow">here.</a><br>
Hello... can u explain a little better that the video? thnx
Mine boots up and it says that the program is running but the a space appears for me to type and I have no idea what to type...help?
try startx if it is a command prompt like terminal<br /> <br />
Any comments good&nbsp; on <a href="http://www.lostwindowspassword.com" rel="nofollow">windows password key 8.0 </a>to hack the password?<br /> I am curious who use Windows Password Key 8.0 to solved the problem that get back windows adminstrator password? Is it security? I am google this query and here asking for more info. Thank you !
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Do you have created the password Recovery disk eaellier?<br /> If you do, you can sign into safe mode and recover the password.<br /> If you don't have the password reset disk. you have to take use of the third utility,<br /> <strong><a href="http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com" rel="nofollow">Windows Password Recovery</a></strong>&nbsp;is highly recommend. It is fast and easy to use.<br /> To know more about it, please visit <br /> I'm sure it can help you.
...ummm i have used this once before and it worked fine but now its not working, and i really need it for some reason the password on my computer jsut randomly changed by its self. I tried using this but it said something out false data, but it also didnt work on the computer im using now (i used this on the computer im using now and it worked perfect before) so it think i did it wrong, can you give better instructions on how to do this? I ahve both a CD-Rom and a USB drive and i tried booting from both. Thank You. also do you have any clue what could change my password with out me knowing it?
Simple; a virus. This password cracking thing must be full of them.
Dude this is just a Linux distro.<br />
use the new version, a new update made it so tyhe old version doesnt work
Need help! Have to deal with LivNet filters and nothing works! email anyhting you think would help to Zorgarath@gmail.com ASAP....
my computer crashed after using this for about ten minutes what went wrong?????
mine has a virus on it
I have to ask... What video editing software are you using? Is it Adobe Premiere?
i've downloaded this and popped it onto a winblows 2000 machine(says it works on the website) and it goes through a bunch of boot stuff then turns itself off.....
Please note that if you download Ophcrack Live then you have to pikey the proper software of the disk. Put the disk in after boot-up, and explore it. You'll find Ophcrack and all the proper rainbow tables associated with it.
It is a heck of a lot quicker to start the computer in safe mode (with command prompt) and go in as the administrator, change anyone's password through command prompt.
lol yaah dude, or even easier, you can just launch command prompt from any user, type in: "net user" find the user you want to change the password for, and then simply type: "net user (user name) *" itll then ask you for the password you want it to be. and yr done!
only works on admin account
Yes, this was what I was talking about, no old password needed.
u can't change the password to a new one if u dont know the old one.
you can with command prompt
are u talking about going into the recovery console? i dont think u can im building an xp box now i'll test it
u can change the password, its not recovery, its... umm.... i dont know what its called but it says like type a new password: retype the password: and then your password is changed... i dont know what u r talking about when you say "recovery console" -gamer
you cant just do it that easely how u gonna get the admin password huh?. my school has an admin and a administrator acc u have to log onto 1 of them to get in
you have to know the admin password for this...
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hey new trick to hack the computer password.if the administrator password also locked.
All I get is and embed code

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