This is one of the strangest things I have ever done. Maybe I should put up some sort of a disclaimer here like if you're epileptic maybe this isn't the brightest thing you could do? But if you're an epileptic then you know more about that condition than I do!

In any event I found doing this to be completely harmless good clean fun. I think it can give anyone a greater appreciation for themselves and the world around them as well too. Not everything is as it seems!

Step 1: What are You Talking About?

What I'm talking about is making a Hypno-disc. You know one of those spinning spirals like you may have seen on TV? They're for real. Maybe the guy in the graphic with the eyeball in his palm isn't but Hypno-discs are! Make one and see for yourself. The rest of this article describes how I made one, and how you can too.
I don't get it. is this supposed to be like a trip?
<p>Well, you should see something that is not really there. I do not think that in and of itself constitutes a psychedelic trip though. If you are the right kind of person there should be a limited amount of consciousnesses altering experienced too. At least that has been the case for everyone I've ever done this with. Although I do imagine there are a number of people none of this works on too.</p><p>You do need some kind of a brain in order to play with it I suppose. Unfortunately some folks lack what it takes I guess. I will add this sort of thing works better on folks stone cold sober, than impaired in any way too. We've also tried that too. Something about not being able to mentally focus properly messes things up?</p><p>In any event it doesn't work well if you are already buzzed. That surprised us, but in retrospect I suppose it should not have.</p>
when i was learning to be a hypnotist i saw this on a kids show the affect was saw awesome i wanted to make one also but with my medical problems i didn't have time for making side projects being born with a bad back i pretty much figured sooner or later i would wind up paralyzed or something close to it so i made things that i'd be able to keep myself entertained and my brain active so i don't go dumb from not being able to do as much as i used to anyway i think it was bill nye the science guy what they did was show the disc then a picture of clowds the clowds where twirling around then they stopped for a min and showed them again but this time they weren't twirling at first i said bs it had to be digital affects camera tricks and what not then they showed the disc again but this time they kept it on the screen for like 3mins and said look at the back your hand i was so freaked out when i saw my skin squrming around i almost dropped from shock lmao
<p>Yeah looking away causes the pinch, and whorl effect. The best is shooting down the tunnel though. That is like an amusement park ride. For me that is the final stage I've ever reached with this. Perception is reality. Experimenting with something like this has given me perspective on what that phrase really means. Life is by and large an illusion that we create in our minds. But it is such a compelling illusion most folks don't fully appreciate it all for what it really means.</p><p>Impossible to explain to folks who don't get it internally themselves. Another thing that ties into all of this is our eyes see the world &quot;upside down&quot;. The optics in our eyes are not complex enough to do anything else. Our brains flip the image for us though. They've done experiments where they've had people wear glasses that flip the world upside down, and after a period of time their brains flip things back. Then when they take the glasses off the world is upside down again! That just goes to show how much our brains control our perception of the world around us. Absolutely everything any of us experiences is all in our minds.</p>
Neato! good job, I will have to try this. I have a love of Moire patterns, here is a vid of a little machine I made that works for me :)<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moD8n8Aspgg">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moD8n8Aspgg</a>
I used to get a Moire effect in my vision sometimes. It hasn't happened to me in quite some time now. Sort of looked like magnetic lines of stress going on in front of me in black and white. Everything else got dim and out of focus as well. Was accompanied with a pounding in my hearing too. Was a bit unsettling whenever it occurred to me.<br><br>Looked a bit like yours only without the points, just the curves. Mine ran faster too. I should work with a synthesizer to recreate the sound, the sound was incredible! We're going down, we're doing down! Bwadadadada!<br><br>Happened to me at random and had nothing to do with my hypnodisc. Happened to me in fact before I'd ever made a hypnodisc. I can't say when it happened to me I loved it.<br><br>I had this painting of a clown that hung in my room as a kid ... oh I hate that painting! But I'm not sure what it has to do with any of this. I don't think to this day I'd chance sleeping in a room with that painting hanging in it. I swear it is possessed!<br><br>I just felt compelled to share that. Maybe because those moire patterns happened to me when I was younger when that clown bothered me. Thinking of the one evoked the other. Evil clowns!
fred for president, you with me guys?
can you post a video?
This is a really cool project and a super detailed Instructable! Nice job!
Thanks but I really just scratched the surface. Hopefully I gave enough so someone could get started. The human mind is the final frontier. I think it always will be.
Good job I am going to have to try this. The hard part for me is the spiral. I had to look up how draw one that big with out printing 50 pages and joining them together. found this hope it helps some one. http://www.wikihow.com/Draw-the-Golden-Spiral
I do not have my original print out but what I do have is a piece of paper I can put on my disc then photograph it. My template was ruined when I moved sorry. Maybe then you can see just what you have to draw free hand.<br><br>I don't think it takes anyone with a masters degree in fine art to pull this stunt off.<br><br>Bear in mind my disc is 2 feet in diameter too which is the outer limits of the scope of this project. So if you make your disc a bit smaller then you do not have to draw quite as much.

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