Introduction: Hack Your Halloween

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Hello, in this instructable you will learn how to properly carve a pumpkin!

Step 1: Find a Pumpkin

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First you want to locate a pumpkin that appeals to you, you don't want to small of a pumpkin but, besides that, size doesn't matter.

Step 2: Remove the Seeds

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You want to cut off the top of the pumpkin to remove the seeds. It may take a while, it depends on the size of the pumpkin. Use a spoon to remove the pumpkin seeds and pulp until it seems it isn't "wet." Make sure you don't scrape to hard, as you may break through the pumpkin, and this would result in a catastrophic disaster. Wash your hands when you are done.

Step 3: Planning

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Draw your design on the pumpkin with a washable marker, think carefully about what you want, once you start it is very hard to undo it.

Step 4: Carve

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Now, you carve your pumpkin, follow the guidelines from earlier and it should turn out how you would like it to.

Step 5: Bleach It!

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Now for some bleach, it helps preserve the pumpkin and reduces rotting. Put half a cup of bleach, per gallon of water. The bigger the pumpkin, the more solution is needed.

Step 6: Done!

Well done, you are now ready to present the pumpkin! Put a small wax candle in it, light it, and set it on your porch!


Swansong (author)2017-11-14

We had to bleach the pumpkins too when we lived in Okinawa, but they would still only last a couple of days. Up here in North Dakota it's so cold by Halloween we don't need any! :)

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