This tutorial shows you how to use an Arduino to turn that old dusty music player into a Bluetooth controlled docking station.

Even if it has a cracked screen or a dead battery it can still be used.

The following instructions will show you how use an Arduino and a couple of cheap parts to set up a MuseHack station NO SOLDERING REQUIRED!!!

This project can be built for under $25 which includes buying an Arduino.

Just leave the old Ipod plugged into the stereo and your music will start to play when you walk in the door.

The Arduino acts as a liaison between the iPod and your Droid.

Features Include:

  • Auto Connect - If set, your phone will automatically connect to your MuseHack Station
  • Auto Play - Walk in the door and your music will start playing
  • Auto Pause - Leave your house and the music pauses for you
  • In-Call Pause - Automatically pauses when a call is in session
  • Alarm - Wake up to your own music blasting through the stereo

Since the iPod device is connected directly to your stereo, it eliminates any error that can occur when streaming the music to a separate device.

iPod, iPad, and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Step 1: Cut To The Chase

If you want to just get after it, you can download the code and wire it according to the above image.

The wire colors correspond to the cable suggested by this tutorial.

  • +5V Pin 23 Red (No Stripe)
  • GND Pin 16 Black (No Stripe)
  • Rx Pin 13 Brown (With Stripe)
  • Tx Pin 12 Purple (No Stripe)
  • ACC Pin 21 Red (With Stripe)

Here is the app:

Full Version:


Lite Version:


The Bluetooth pairing pin is 1234

For Arduino Uno - The digital pins 0 and 1 (Rx and Tx) must be clear when uploading the sketch.

This is really all you need to complete this project. The rest of this tutorial just rambles on a bit.

<p>Would love to be able to do this in reverse. Use Arduino to <br>translate commands from car Ipod controller to play files from Android <br>device (tried the USB Uart TTC cable and PODEMU but no success.</p>
<p>Anyone has an app for this hack? I cannot find it on Google Play. Or a replacement...</p>
<p>interesting, good idea</p>
<p>cool!!!</p><p>check out my instructable how to take apart a laptop and please comment if seen</p>
<p>I might just find one of those ipod classics that has like 180GB of space to do this with.</p>
<p>Awesome project! It looks like you put a lot of work into this, and the final product looks like it was worth it! I'll also have to check out that HC-06 for future projects... =D</p>
<p>Why do you need the arduino? The connection from the ipod is serial uart, and the connection from the bluetooth adapter too... You can probably implement all the stuff that is now on the arduino in your android app.</p>
<p>Where can I get the source of the android app? :)</p>
This is great, think I might give it a go!
<p>I might have to do this with the old iPod Nano I have kicking around...thanks for sharing this</p>
<p>Thanks for the interest. Let me know how it goes or if I can help with anything</p>

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