Step 2: Cutting Through the Mattress

Cutting the mattress is pretty much the same as cutting the box springs except there is no wood in the mattress. So cut through the outer covering, cut the springs and sew the ends to form the two mattress sections.

Use short pieces of thread to lessen the tangling and knot often. You don't want the thread to break and a large section of your seam to unravel. It is easier to have a second person help you hold the mattress and the seam as you sew. I also folded the seam part over to have a more finished look.
<p>Woa! amazing I love spring mattresses</p>
<p>This will work perfect for my DIY pallet patio furniture. No one tells you on the pallet furniture how hard it is to find the matching pallets and even harder finding some type of cushions for the sitting area. I am definitely going to do this! By the time I am done I will have about $30 in my out door patio decor. Thanks for posting this! </p>
<p>I apologize if this is a duplicate question, but how long did the mattress cutting and re-sewing take you?</p>
Making a WINDOW SEAT/ COT. Cutting through a queen mattress. This tutorial gave me the pointers I needed. Thank you very much especially because when I searched the net every single forum was showing how to cut a box spring or screaming to buying a foam mattress and cut that instead. My belief is if it can be built, it can be dismantled and rebuilt. My dremel died so I am giving it a go with a small grinder. Nice modification! May create an instructable with credits to you on the mattress mod. Thanks again!
Cool, I may try this with a spare bed taking up space.<br /> <br /> Others may want to just use a pair of bolt cutters to clip through the spring and stiff border edge wires. A little bit safer. &nbsp;It helps to have someone act as the &quot;ribspreader&quot; holding back the peeled mattress skin while you reach in there to grab the springs. &nbsp;I had cut up a mattress in half for trash so that those unscrupulous mattress people don't fish it out and do some of their recycling for resale.<br /> <br /> They sell upholstery sewing needles which are curved and heavy duty. &nbsp;They would be handy since you can't reach in the mattress to push the needle back out.<br /> <br /> I would add a new layer of memory foam to bolster up my old mattress.<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;&quot;I had cut up a mattress in half for trash so that those unscrupulous mattress people don't fish it out and do some recycling for resale&quot;<br /> <br /> At first I was really mad at this statement, but not so much now- I think I read it wrong- At first I thought you meant people that would take it out of your trash for scrap metal. But then I thought you meant someone is going to take it and straight up resell it as a mattress...<br /> <br /> But either way, I think I'm still mad. You threw it away!!! Personally, I still would have taken it and recycled it. but I think what makes me maddest is that you purposely cut it in half so it couldn't be used period. <br /> <br /> &nbsp;<br />
You can see my comment to mikeeve. <br /> <br /> If you purchase a new mattress, you actually have to pay a charge for them to take it away. That makes me mad.<br />
Catlinsdad: Totally agree with you. If you're not going to use your own mattress, then don't take the chance of someone else reselling it as new. And anyone buying a used mattress is just asking for all kinds of infectious trouble. Recycling is one thing - but use your head. I don't even buy secondhand shoes - doesn't matter what shape they're in. Hygiene has to be considered when repurposing or recycling. The only thing to use on a mattress set is the boxspring IF you remove everything except the springs and the wood.<br>
Sleeping in a foxhole half filled with mud and crawling bugs don't worry me any. Sleeping on a skeevy mattress bothers me a lot.
It always amazes me that people will buy a used mattress, even off Craigslist etc. Yuck!!!<br>
&quot; I had cut up a mattress in half for trash so that those unscrupulous mattress people don't fish it out and do some of their recycling for resale&quot;<br /> <br /> Is that a joke? If not, you've got a serious attitude problem.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;recently had 2 twin mattresses I&nbsp;wanted to get out of the house. &nbsp;A quick posting on CraigsList, and both were gone the same day. For free. The fellow who took them said they were for his twin girls which is great if it's true. If not and he is can resell them, more power to him. I&nbsp;just wanted to keep them out of the landfill.<br />
They don't usually put mattresses in landfills especially because of the metal because its not biodegradable instead its recycled and the padding is cleaned and sterilized and parleyed into doggy beds and house insulation <br />
You've got a group of different 'they' than we do. &nbsp;Our 'they' is we.&nbsp; Our garbage service won't pick up anything that big (unless we cut it into can size chunks) so we have to throw it into the van and haul it to the local 'transfer' station where we throw it into open trailers which are&nbsp; hauled to the landfill. Much (most) of the material in our landfill is not biodegradable since we have separate recycling pickup for that. Perhaps, some companies which pickup the old mattresses when they deliver the new ones are into recycling, but I'm not sure we have the institutions here to do that.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> In any case,&nbsp; back to the original post I commented on, destroying a reusable product is wasteful. Destroying it so others won't resell is is just plain &lt;*&gt;. Usually, reusing is much 'greener' than recycling.<br />
Hence, the order of importance:<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; First,&nbsp; Reduce;<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; Then,&nbsp; Re-use;<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; THEN,&nbsp; Re-cycle.<br /> <br /> But, --- like most dogma ---- it's better to follow it yourself than to try to get others to do so.<br /> <br /> <br />
This is New York City.<br /> <br /> It is not a joke.<br /> If I went around saying &quot;Bite Me,&quot; that would be a serious attitude problem.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Really, there are trucks and vans that trawl the streets going through the recyclables and illegally picking through the trash to get the heavy metal appliances/scrap and used mattresses on the curb (the City views it as stealing from the money they get for recycling).<br /> <br /> A store that does sell used mattresses is supposed to &quot;sterilize&quot; them and mark them as used but there are news stories of a few unscrupulous retailers that just put the mattress back on the shelf.&nbsp;&nbsp; I consider a mattress in the same class as personal hygiene items. I know it is clean but for the peace of mind of&nbsp; knowing the mattress will not end up in the wrong hands, I will sacrifice the mattress for regular disposal.&nbsp; I am all for repurposing and &quot;dumpster diving&quot; for something but not for a used mattress.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> As for Craigslist and freecycle or donation, I am not up for dealing with random contact with others that want a used mattress.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> More power to ya.<br />
Ah, the Big Apple. &nbsp;I really like visiting there, and googled the NYC&nbsp;used mattress debate. You've got some bed bugs out there!&nbsp; Here is a quote I&nbsp;found : &quot;NYC bed bugs have developed nerve cell mutations that make them almost impervious to the most toxins used by exterminators.&quot;&nbsp;&nbsp; Maybe you should have napalmed your mattress!<br />
Yup, no good deed goes unpunished. You do what you can. Thanks.<br />
Great Project! Here's the couch I built. Built shelves underneath it to hold Speakers and all the board games we have at our coffeehouse.
They had a bunch of old used mattresses behind the homeless shelter. I couldn't believe my luck!
&nbsp;I love the pillows! I'm gunna try something like this for my room... :D
Be sure to use eye protection, though. That's what scares me the most.<br /> <br /> And, yes, the pooch is adorable. She or he makes everything look nice and comfy.<br />
3 Things:&nbsp;&nbsp;I&nbsp;might vacum the daylights out of the matress or otherwise clean it before cutting it up. &nbsp;Even if a mattress appears clean, it can have POUNDS of dead skin cells in it (which is what attracts the bed bugs!).&nbsp; This is why in a lot of places when they recycle old matresses they are often required by law to dispose of all fabric and padding and only reuse the frame of the matress. &nbsp;<br /> <br /> I&nbsp;agree with someone else that said, You'd be safer using a bolt cutter or metal snips or something similar, rather than a dremel to cut the springs.&nbsp;&nbsp; Less likely to cause injury or start a fire...<br /> <br /> Third:&nbsp;my favorite!&nbsp;&nbsp;Look for a local &quot;Mill End&quot;&nbsp;or seconds fabric store.&nbsp; Frequently they have LOADS of last season or two seasons ago upholstery fabric for as little as $3-10 a yard...&nbsp; instead of the $30-50.&nbsp; Also look in your local fashion district if you live in a Large city.&nbsp; Basically, don't go buy your upholstery fabric from your local big box fabric store, or expect to pay through the nose... &nbsp; (You could also cover with heavy weight canvas, and in this case, you could cut up new clean heavy canvas drop cloths, and then slip cover in a lighter fabric that would be much less expensive).<br /> <br /> Cool Idea. &nbsp;I have been looking for different ways to build my own couch since I lived in an apartment and realized how stinking expensive those things are... and how the cheap ones are rarely the most comfortable... AWESOME!!<br /> <br />
Excellent and awesome instructable. Congrats!<br />
Very cool. I was a actually just trying to think of ways to mattresses out of landfills last as I went to sleep. All I thought of was burning them.<br />
&nbsp;burning mattresses is so much fun (NOT RECOMMENDED INDOORS!)!!!<br /> there's lots of things you can do with old box springs... look for my box spring intractable coming summer 2010!!!
...but burning indoor box spring trampolines are so much fun. <br /> Good luck on your instructable. :)<br />
I can't wait to see that.<br />
What a great use of that mattress!!! Very clever seamsters. However. . . how much is that pooch on the couch? What a sweet pup!!<br />
very nice and it looks like it would be comfy &nbsp;
&nbsp;Nozus says:<br /> What a great way to honor your Mother's creativity. &nbsp;You must be a lot like her when it comes to making something out of what you have available. Thanks for giving me a great idea. &nbsp;Just wish I had someone with your expertise to help me.Keep up the good work! Love the Puppy.
I love this!&nbsp; It looks really great.&nbsp; Your dog is adorable&nbsp;and looks very comfy.
&nbsp;This is an AWESOME idea! &nbsp;And so simple too! &nbsp;Thanks for sharing. : )

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