Step 8: Finished

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The sink is now complete.
I would recommend putting some kind of water proofing on the lid to protect the wood.
Check out the video of the sink in action.
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Nice idea. FYI, in the plumbing and green building trades, this is referred to as grey water. Some buildings collect drain water from sinks in big tanks and after filtering it a bit, use that as the water to flush the toilets or for irrigation.

I think this is super, you don't have to touch the faucet before and after washing like with a standard sink (the fatal flaw in no touch soap dispensers). Better yet, if the sink begins to run when you flush, there is no excuse not to wash. (I have a family member whose excuse is "I don't pee on my hands." As if that was all there was to that.)

I can't do this to my john now (I rent), but I will do this and some other grey water utilizing hacks as soon as I buy my own place. The main hack I had already planned was to divert waste water from the washing machine to an outdoor cistern for use in the garden. All that will take is to extend and reroute the the drain hose.
Really good idea, especially considering how we usually take less time to wash our hands than the toilet finish filling the tank.
lburrow4 years ago
I'm wondering how much soap scum builds up inside the tank...
t0annguy3n4 years ago
You inspired me too! :)

I followed the same idea but tried to make it look a little nicer. Got a serving bowl laying around and drilled a hole in it with a diamond bit. The copper pipe I used has a stainless steel coating and can easily be bought at Home Depot in the toilet piping section (is a water supply line pipe, "flexible copper pipe." I bent the pipe by hand little by little, just don't over bend. Drilled through the toiler lid as well lol.

Note: Bowl need to curve down all the way to the drilled hole to prevent water retention. Get a nice diamond bit ($16-24) so you don't spend more money then you have to. Also, submerge the bit in water when drilling the hole and be patient. Have fun guys :)
haakon.k4 years ago
Holy cow, that's freaking brilliant!
Really good :)
im gonna do this... does the water come before or after you flushed?
nope post flush.
Kintaro Oe4 years ago
Great idea, congratulation.
Namaste7 years ago
this is an awesome idea, though I am not sure I would want to drink from it having seen the inside of some tanks :0
The water does not come from the tank, it comes from the fresh water supply valve.
Amir6 years ago
This has got to be one of the best instructables that I've seen. Your idea is brilliant, simple, and noble. Your pictures and instructions are clear. I have such a small bathroom and pulling out the sink is going to give me so much more room. I'll put one together this week. Thanks, Amir
Amir Amir6 years ago
Sometimes I say things like "this week" when I should be saying "this year". I've gotten myself tied up with starting a local lawn service (LawnArchy.com;) and now my other projects are waiting in line. But I'll get it done some day and I'm still really looking forward to it. Thanks again for the awesome instructable, Amir
Cartuner55 Amir6 years ago
how did it go?
yariv_ar7 years ago
very good! liked it!
Brilliant idea for saving water, especially since that water is going to flow anyway. It's also a no-touch system, minimizing the spread of germs. My job is making sure people are using water efficiently in their homes. Perhaps I'll mention this idea to them. Keep it up :-)