Picture of Hack a trickle solar vehicle charger
Extensive research on small solar systems <5 watts led me to this little inexpensive ($12.99) charger from harbor freight.  Sure it is big, but it is also 12V at 1.5 watts and cost less than some 1 watt panels when shipping is included (  it is a 17.5V? open circuit but who wants that awkward voltage? 12V is a nice round number so i kept the trickle circuit and stepdown in.
I took apart the car charger part and did my own little edits to it and made it into a solar source.
The regulating circuit and stepdown were included, the teardown of picture 2/3 was just to show what the car port adapter looked like inside.
I also had the cell in my window powering an LED for a couple weeks......just for fun
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mysterion (author)  DELETED_Chrishugh2 years ago

Just kidding here's the link
let me know if you need any help!
jschumaker2 years ago
Where did the trickle circuit and stepdown come from?
mysterion (author)  jschumaker2 years ago
sorry, I think i forgot to mention that, I made this a while ago but the solar charger came with it