Hack a Webcam and Turnit Into a Security Camera





Introduction: Hack a Webcam and Turnit Into a Security Camera

So i was worried about my house at the night and i dint had the 200$ for a cctv security camera install.I had a camera(a very good one with 10x zoom:D),100M of cat 5 cabel (wich i only used 30 M beacus i have the usb over cat 5 in 30M max),usb over cat 5 30M max,So lets get to work :)

Step 1: Cat 5 Cabel,Usb Over Cat 5, Tools

So the cat 5 cabel wasnt that hard to get you can get it from any store that sell electronic or you can get it from ebay.I got my from a store for only 30 cent a meter.And the usb over cat 5 you can get from ebay or a electronic store but i dont know if they sell these in stores so yeah i got my from ebay for 5 $ (really cheap) you can get a much more longer one but that will cost you much more.Ok so the tools you will need are all in the picture you wont need necessary all but it good to hove sometimes much more :P

Step 2: The Recording Softwear

Now that you got evrything setup and ready to go you will need a softwear to recorde what you camera see and i used Windows Movie Maker but if you wont to use somthing else there are thousand of softwear but with movie maker it easy and you can capture images from the video.So yeah now that you are ready put the camera in a nice hiden place and hit the recorde butn on movie maker ;)

Step 3: Somthing Extra

Oright so you wana get a littl bit bigger with you camera and wan make a night vision one you can get IR Led Ring from Ebay,Amazon.Or you can make one your self get a protoboard and get some 10mm IR Led and make a your self IR Led ring wich can have a wide range and self made project are better than to buy one lol.

Hope you liked my instructables and leav a comment for any critics :D.

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Sorry for the bad English but i live in Albania and i am not that good with English but for evry thing that i have done bad pls leav a comment.



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    What is Srial pro webcam skype

    Thanks for the instructable. Your english is fine. Some Americans cannot write this well. I only know a few words in other languages. I could not effetivly communicate "I am hungry" let alone an instructable. Well done.

    Lol thanks mate.Yeah when ur hungry u just dont know what ur doing ?.

    Always works that way sadly.

    we have a word here by us dont throw anything away if you think it useful ;-)

    Didn't know that there was a cat-5 to USB adapter! All that cat-5 cut into bits..

    lol i didnt know it either until i did some resarch