Hack an 433 MHz RF Wireless LED Controller.


Introduction: Hack an 433 MHz RF Wireless LED Controller.

An inexpensive RF wireless LED controller is easily adaptable to a controller for Arduino projects.

I opened it and found out what was the signal pin.

From the signal pin is a connection to the input pin of the arduino.

That was really all.

I removed the MOSFET and the processor from the PCB, because I did not need them.

The current at 5 volts went from 4,15 mA back to 3,63 mA which I also measure with another type of 433 Mhz receiver.

This remote control has 11 buttons and outputs 12 different codes.

The SPEED - and SPEED + buttons together give the 12th code.

Several remote controls of the same type produce different series of code.

See the photos and test with the ReceiveDemo_Simple.ino for more clarity.

Step 1:



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    Any advice on hacking the preset sequences that are in the controller. This controller + remote has all the functionality I need for an LED project, I just need to be able to generate and load arbitrary sequences into whatever memory chip is on there. If you don't have any time just giving me a serial number I can use for further searching would help. Thanks for your time.

    Sincerely Marc