Hack an inexpensive granite table into a bathroom vanity

Picture of Hack an inexpensive granite table into a bathroom vanity
This is my first instructable. Hopefully it will help you save a couple of bucks.

We have been remodeling our bathroom and needed a new sink and counter top. We really wanted a granite top but just didn't have the money to spend $300+ to get one. So this was our solution.
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Step 1: Secure a table

Picture of Secure a table
The first thing we did was to search the local online ads for a granite table. We found one with a broken leg for $50. I thought this is a real bargain so I called to find out more about it and the guy really wanted it gone and said that If I came and got it I could have it for $20. Great start!

Step 2: Prepping the granite

Picture of Prepping the granite
After we picked up our table we had to remove the wood frame that was glued to the bottom.

Step 3:

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Next we had to cut the granite to fit our vanity. In our case the slab needed to be 22" deep and 49" wide. So I turned the slab right side up and began marking the cut lines. Make sure that you cut the appropriate sides so that the original finished edge will be exposed on the vanity top. Other wise you will end up with ugly cut edges facing out.

Step 4:

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Now the cutting. Make sure that you fully support the stone so that it doesn't fall or break as you cut it.

Next start cutting. Please note that I used hearing protectors, safety glasses and a mask.

I cut the stone with a 4 1/2" grinder equipped with a diamond blade. Go slow and let the saw do the work. If you try to hurry and press too hard you can damage the grinder.

Step 5:

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Now the hard part, cutting the hole for the sink. The key here is measure twice, cut once. Again slow and patient. 

If your sink comes with a template then  use it to mark the hole cut out.

Ours didn't come with one but the sink was new and free so I can't complain.
cowcrusher1 year ago


jaroot (author) 1 year ago
Sounds like a good find.
dchall81 year ago
Never thought about getting used granite. We wanted a granite look in our kitchen, but we were already way over budget. We ended up with white and black tile counter tops all except for one area. We found a remnant piece if black granite that could be cut down to 2x4 feet to fit one area. We call it "accent." We also found a remnant piece of red granite which we used as a new fireplace surround and mantle. These pieces were in the trash bin, so keep your eyes open for good deals.
SinAmos1 year ago
Good job. My kind of hack!
carlos66ba1 year ago
Very nice!
jaroot (author) 1 year ago
M3G1 year ago
That looks great, definitely an improvement!
Kimbones1 year ago
Looking nice for $20 worth of granite!