Hack any paid WiFi hotspot in about 30 seconds

Picture of Hack any paid WiFi hotspot in about 30 seconds

Or rather, DON'T hack any paid WiFi hotspots, as that would be bad...

Also, don't turn your WiFi card off and then back on again after the hack to rectify any MAC address conflicts that might arise.

The commands are:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether
arp -a
sudo ifconfig en1 ether [mac address to spoof]

Note that the term "MAC address" has nothing to do with Macintosh computers. All computers, including Windows machines, have MAC addresses. This address is unique to your computer, but can be changed in software. The practice of copying someone else's MAC address is referred to as "spoofing". Spoofing a MAC address can get you through any MAC address filter, like the ones used by public WiFi hotspots.

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Step 1: Recon the Network

Picture of Recon the Network
* Connect to the WiFi network you wish to access.  It must be "public" in the sense that it's not encrypted with WPA or WEP.  Virtually all paid WiFi hotspots are public, relying on MAC address filtering to control access.  The MAC address filter is easily defeated, as shown below.

* Launch Terminal.

* Check your own MAC address:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

* See who else is on the network:

arp -a

* Select the address of some machine on the network, and Command-C that shit.

Step 2: Spoof the MAC Address

Picture of Spoof the MAC Address
* Spoof the MAC address:

sudo ifconfig en1 ether [mac address to spoof]

Where it says "[mac address to spoof]", press Command-V to paste the victim's, er, I mean the machine-to-be-spoofed's MAC address.  Your machine may require an administrator password at this point.  This is the password you use to log into OS X on your own machine.

* Confirm the spoof:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

Your displayed MAC address should now be different from what it was before.

Step 3: Enjoy FREE WiFi!

Picture of Enjoy FREE WiFi!
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Wait. You have to logged in to the wifi network before you do this. That means you already have the password. All this does is allow anonymous wifi browsing. I was looking for how to find the actual password itself.

No, you need to be connected not logged in. You connect your laptop to it, then when you open your browser it redirects you to a log in / pay page. You're right that this doesn't give the password, it simply lets you mimic an already paying customer and if no one is connected to it then you won't even be able to copy their MAC address.

my mac adress isn't changing and i've tried about 8 different combinations and orders of the inputs, i think it might have to do with the values for "ifconfig" is there another one besides "ether"??

Just as an FYI: This is a felony.

AdreaC1 month ago
AltheNewb4 months ago
Doesn't seem to work on bt WiFi with con in the UK. That said, I'm on a hackintosh and have to use en0. Not sure why.

Hey, do you know of a good tutorial on how to pull off making a hackintosh? I tried once but there was some weird problem with partitioning, not to mention it took a few tries to get the installer going. Thanks~

Hi, yeah, you should check out the in-depth tutorial at TonyMacx86,
dalal7 months ago

Does this work for Mavericks OS as well on a macintosh?

swangnick dalal2 months ago
Works for me
Do you know how to put your MAC address back to default after doing this?
Type "sudo ifconfig en1 ether (original MAC address here)
Then type ifconfig en1 | grep ether to confirm your MAC address is back to normal. You need to somehow remember your original MAC address to revert it to its original.
luciferjeeva2 months ago

can i spoof from windows cmd,,,, does it work ?????

SeatonP2 months ago

Hello, please tell me how to hack in windows. Please. Thanks web design company in jaipur

FAYLYA6 months ago

an how to get back to the original configuration? Thk

swangnick FAYLYA2 months ago
Okay. I'm new to this, but I tried it out and it worked.

1. Open terminal
2. Type "ifconfig en1 | grep ether" to confirm your current MAC address.
3. Type "sudo ifconfig en1 ether (original MAC address here)
4. Repeat step 2 to confirm your new (and original) MAC address.

Note: you should always have your MAC address written down somewhere so you can revert back to normal.
JuanitaP12 months ago

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ZoeC2 months ago

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ModeratorP2 months ago

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ridersamit2 months ago

hey i wanna know that these commands will work in MobileTerminal in iOS (iphone)

JuanitaP13 months ago

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JuanitaP13 months ago

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wyldaxe3 months ago

MarcoD63 months ago

Hi, i'm marco de simone. Are we cousins?

lyratron (author)  MarcoD63 months ago
I have a cousin Mark, but I've never heard him called Marco. It's quite possible we're related in some way. Where are you from?
MarcoD6 lyratron3 months ago
I'm from italy-apulia-lecce
hellobaker183 months ago

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brendaj24 months ago

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reinoudtwj4 months ago

buddha4504 months ago

how could I make this work on an android???????

ItsMeFaheem4 months ago

Well its seems to be a fantastic article thank you for sharing just an amazing hack!

how to hack wifi password on android Keep it Up and share new tips as well!!

pursueIncome14 months ago

Ubuntu Its just an amazing Operating software. I had used it for many of my project at school and I must say I loved it.

Been here, done this, on Windows, about 7 years ago. Paid hotspots I used then were all open, thus no password. Bet you can still do this at any Flying J truckstop, just like I did back then.

antioch1 year ago
Now go and fetch the us the equivalent windows commands, will ya!
lyratron (author)  antioch1 year ago
With pleasure.

* Step 1: Delete Windows.

* Step 2: Install Ubuntu Linux.

* Step 3: Proceed with the hack more or less exactly as shown.

(It's easy, free and anyone can do it!) :D

Ubuntu ftw.

hahaha,,, I still have windows 7, but rarely ever use it, I need it for other things,, I installed Zorin Os,, Ubuntu Os but with more of a windows feel...

In my book, works great... love Zorin,, only pull up windows 7 like once a week now... for wireless hub use,,, would like to convert directly over to Zorin at a later date,,, would like to see new software come out for it,,, cant stand wine,,, downloaded Gambass3 in hopes to learn how to program more using the basic programming language,,, linux needs more user friendly software... will see how things go.. gambass is like visual basic for linux... slightly different code but not too bad... If more people coded software ( like using gambass ), for better gui's and such for linux,,, I feel more people would convert easier,, like installation programs and such... so people dont have to use the terminal and have to type sudo this or that.... sorry, became a fan of zorin, and dieing to program new easy programs,,, people are used to easy things in windows, and us as programmers need to help people find the good things in life, by making it easier for them,,, and for those of you out there, I had been a windows user for 20 and recently switched to Zorin 2 months ago... commands are simple to learn if you try it,, dont be intimidated, and ask for help in forums....

acabrera7 lyratron10 months ago

3 ways.

1. The way you mentioned,

2. Install Ubuntu alongside Windows and use it when you need it.

3. Using a Virtual Computer, Such as Oracle VM VirtualBox, with Ubuntu loaded up onto it. (this can be all done on Windows, which maybe you wanted, antioch)

lyratron you are very smart!
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