Hack any paid WiFi hotspot in about 30 seconds

Picture of Hack any paid WiFi hotspot in about 30 seconds

Or rather, DON'T hack any paid WiFi hotspots, as that would be bad...

Also, don't turn your WiFi card off and then back on again after the hack to rectify any MAC address conflicts that might arise.

The commands are:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether
arp -a
sudo ifconfig en1 ether [mac address to spoof]

Note that the term "MAC address" has nothing to do with Macintosh computers. All computers, including Windows machines, have MAC addresses. This address is unique to your computer, but can be changed in software. The practice of copying someone else's MAC address is referred to as "spoofing". Spoofing a MAC address can get you through any MAC address filter, like the ones used by public WiFi hotspots.

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Step 1: Recon the Network

Picture of Recon the Network
* Connect to the WiFi network you wish to access.  It must be "public" in the sense that it's not encrypted with WPA or WEP.  Virtually all paid WiFi hotspots are public, relying on MAC address filtering to control access.  The MAC address filter is easily defeated, as shown below.

* Launch Terminal.

* Check your own MAC address:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

* See who else is on the network:

arp -a

* Select the address of some machine on the network, and Command-C that shit.

Step 2: Spoof the MAC Address

Picture of Spoof the MAC Address
* Spoof the MAC address:

sudo ifconfig en1 ether [mac address to spoof]

Where it says "[mac address to spoof]", press Command-V to paste the victim's, er, I mean the machine-to-be-spoofed's MAC address.  Your machine may require an administrator password at this point.  This is the password you use to log into OS X on your own machine.

* Confirm the spoof:

ifconfig en1 | grep ether

Your displayed MAC address should now be different from what it was before.

Step 3: Enjoy FREE WiFi!

Picture of Enjoy FREE WiFi!

Step 4: Frequently Asked Questions

Picture of Frequently Asked Questions

(i'm getting tired of repeating the answers to these things in the comments, so here you go).

Q: "how do i change my mac address back?! HELLLP!!!!!"

A: same command you used to change it in the first place... also, rebooting should cause it to default to factory settings.

Q: "what do i do when it says to enter my password?"

A: most people who ask me this probably didn't bother watching the video in its entirety... just enter the password you use to log into your user account on your own machine. this password isn't being transmitted; it's just allowing you to execute a terminal command that requires administrator privileges. if you don't have administrator privileges on your own machine, you can't do this hack without first doing another hack.

Q: "give me the commands for Windows!"

A: that wasn't a question. also, no. Windows is the Ford Pinto of operating systems. i don't even use it, much less provide technical support for it. if you're still using Windows, you probably shouldn't be hacking. Linux, on the other hand, is virtually identical to Mac, since Mac is built on BSD, so the Linux commands should be almost identical to those shown here. i say "almost" because the name of your ethernet card will probably differ. but then if you're running Linux, you probably wrote the driver for your own ethernet card, so you probably don't need to ask me anything.

Q: "your an idiot this wouldnt work"


1) *you're* an idiot.

2) why don't you actually try it before making such a bold declaration?

3) what do you know? it works.

Q: "do you seriously support the government spying on ppl?"

A: yes. that's why i post videos like this, that educate citizens on how to circumvent systems that have been put in place to track and catalog them. it's all for the government's benefit...

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so i don't do it with windows but with linux can i

sgx1989x28 days ago
I tried this and now i cant connect to the network and it says "no internet connection" and the window asking me to pay doesnt pop up...i highly do NOT recommend this, now even if i wanted to pay i cant connect, nust have been blacklisted.
RashiG12 months ago

i have a windows xp. where can we find the system files as u stated before? there is no 'terminal' anywhere.

i know terminal is there in linux.

Dude, you have bigger problems if you're still running XP. End-of-support was like a year ago. For the sake of everyone, please, please upgrade. Chances are your computer is massively compromised.
lyratron (author)  RashiG12 months ago

sorry - i don't use Windows. this trick works on Mac, and probably on Linux also. there's a CMD or command line feature in Windows that lets you execute DOS commands, but it isn't the same as Linux or Mac terminal, and the commands are different. Windows is generally not recommended for "hacking", a.k.a. computer security work. if you're serious about learning this stuff, i would consider installing Linux.

RashiG1 lyratron2 months ago
Thankyou for answering.
JamesO72 months ago
RashiG12 months ago
luciferjeeva7 months ago

can i spoof from windows cmd,,,, does it work ?????

You can in your system files also they make programs for changing your mac and sniffing traffic

Wait. You have to logged in to the wifi network before you do this. That means you already have the password. All this does is allow anonymous wifi browsing. I was looking for how to find the actual password itself.

He's talking about browser confirmation...

No, you need to be connected not logged in. You connect your laptop to it, then when you open your browser it redirects you to a log in / pay page. You're right that this doesn't give the password, it simply lets you mimic an already paying customer and if no one is connected to it then you won't even be able to copy their MAC address.

gary.reardon24 months ago
is this just while using a computer or can it be done on android using a terminal emulator?? Thanks in advance i am still learning.
Iplink in the terminal... Check the help option for proper commands... And if you want to find the clients on the network install wifikill from xda forum...
markoer4 months ago
It will not work for any Wi-Fi which is enforcing AP isolation, which is normally the case.
jwease1 markoer3 months ago
You can bypass the ap
jakelibba4 months ago

This is a huge vunrability; terrorist could get a hold off this- shares it to the world

jwease1 jakelibba3 months ago
The only way this would do any damage is if they were in range of the hotspot and would need to know alot more than running an arp watch, and mac spoof do do anything
That's the dumbest thing I've heard this week. This "hack" is common knowledge to anyone with a computer science or computer engineering background. Plus if the "terrorist" wanted the WiFi that bad he would just pay the $3.00 charge...
jwease13 months ago
You could make it a lil easier... Just get a kali live disc.. You can boot kali Linux from an ISO... Toor is the default password... Once you get to the desktop, open the terminal then ifconfig (your iface) down
Macchanger -r (iface)
Ifconfig (iface) up

Change your mac before connecting to the network... You don't want your permanent mac anywhere on their system.

Then I just
Wifite from the terminal and I actually launch a deauth to grab the client/clients also host mac..

Then reset your network manager theres actually a way to do this in the terminal, but for noob sake go to network manager in your settings and flick it off then on ...
In the terminal

Ifconfig (iface) down
Macchanger -m (target client mac) (iface)
Ifconfig (iface) up

Then connect to the hotspot and you should bypass confirmation through the broswer
UbaidR3 months ago

hahaha ! That great ! I shared it on http://www.revps.com credit you hope you dont have any issue

geodude9537.3 months ago

lol, i get this when i try this

ifconfig en1 | grep ether
en1: error fetching interface information: Device not found

lyratron (author)  geodude9537.3 months ago

it would seem your interface is just called something else (other than en1). what kind of Mac do you have?

AdreaC3 months ago

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ScottW43 months ago
First person I've followed and I haven't even tried the hack but the sarcasm made me thumbs up to you
zikzak14 months ago

KALI it is your friend :D

my mac adress isn't changing and i've tried about 8 different combinations and orders of the inputs, i think it might have to do with the values for "ifconfig" is there another one besides "ether"??

Just as an FYI: This is a felony.

AdreaC6 months ago
AltheNewb9 months ago
Doesn't seem to work on bt WiFi with con in the UK. That said, I'm on a hackintosh and have to use en0. Not sure why.
jeshala AltheNewb6 months ago

Hey, do you know of a good tutorial on how to pull off making a hackintosh? I tried once but there was some weird problem with partitioning, not to mention it took a few tries to get the installer going. Thanks~

AltheNewb jeshala6 months ago
Hi, yeah, you should check out the in-depth tutorial at TonyMacx86,

dalal11 months ago

Does this work for Mavericks OS as well on a macintosh?

swangnick dalal7 months ago
Works for me
Curt000 swangnick6 months ago
Do you know how to put your MAC address back to default after doing this?
swangnick Curt0006 months ago
Type "sudo ifconfig en1 ether (original MAC address here)
Then type ifconfig en1 | grep ether to confirm your MAC address is back to normal. You need to somehow remember your original MAC address to revert it to its original.
SeatonP7 months ago

Hello, please tell me how to hack in windows. Please. Thanks

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