After listening to a musical birthday card being played about 85,000 times in a row, I decided that I needed to create a musical card that would only play when headphones were in.  This simple project costs next to nothing and can be built by somebody with little or no experience in electronics.  In fact, I didn't even solder when I was making this, and the total cost for me was free because I already had the materials on hand.  I hope you enjoy hacking a musical greeting card!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need...

* A musical greeting card
* A headphone port (I got mine from a mini FM radio from the dollar store)
* Thin stranded wire


* Wire strippers
* A Hot Glue Gun (With Glue)
* Scissors
Sorry I am really new to the electronic world, so I have stripped coating from the wire and I have the cooper wires exposed since there are no other Ieads am I soldering through those prongs , putting the wire thru those holes?
What I would do is solder the wire around the prongs by wrapping the prong with the wire and applying a blob of solder. I included a picture of what my headphone port with the attatched wires looked like so you can relate it to yours. I hope this helps!<br /> <br /> -Doctordv
Great thanks! I got it to work!
I like your hack. Could you be more specific on how you connected the wire from the circuit to the headphone port. I am using a 1/8 inch headphone port and I can't where to solder the wires.
There should be two prongs on the bottom of the jack. If not, look for any two leads or solder joints to attatch your wire to. I salvaged my headphone jack from a dollar store fm radio. I hope this helps!<br /><br />-Doctordv

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