Step 5: The Robot Circuit

Let's build circuit for the robot.

Build the circuit shown in picture 1. If you want to design your own Snap Circuits diagrams go to http://www.snapcircuits.net/learning_center/designer See the photographs for the step by step build.

You'll recognize the power regulator block (B5), the PICAXE (U14), the H-bridge block (U8, labeled "Motor Control"), and the snaps for the rear of the rover. You'll also notice some new components. In addition to the snap conductors and the jumper wires, you will notice 4 1K ohm resistors.
<p>Hello,</p><p>We are having trouble getting our rover to upload the completed picaxe program. We have checked the COM number and have tried to upload with the rover both on and off. Are you available to chat this afternoon? It is for a tech fair project. Thank you!</p>
Cool instructable bro!!!!
nice, have you ever committed any of these snap circuit projects to a pcb?

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