Hack to View All Steps of an Instructable Without Logging In!





Introduction: Hack to View All Steps of an Instructable Without Logging In!

Here's a little hack that'll save you needless minutes logging in.
It basically allows you to "View All Steps on One Page" of any Instructable without logging in, and WITHOUT using any 'hacking' software!

Please not that this is just a little trick for fun/usefulness and I mean no harm, intentionally or otherwise to Instructables or its servers.

Please Note: This works as of 6 Nov 2007, if Instructables changes their website coding, this trick will be useless.

Step 1: Edit the Address (URL) to View All Pages!

1. Click on the Intro page of the Instructable you want to view.

Notice how the URL (text in the Address bar)
changes into something meaningful.

2. Type ?ALLSTEPS after the existing text in the Address bar.

3. Press ENTER or the Go button to visit.




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Isn't it just easier to log in, rather than type extra in the address bar for every 'ible you want to look at?

not really...its way more easier to just type in ?ALLSTEPS at the end of the address... wwith logging in, you have to put your username (that could be long) and your password (even longer, probably compilcated)

plus, allsteps default is only if you have pro membership

where do you go to get the automatic allsteps thingy when you log in?

Hover over your name at the top-right of the screen, when the menu appears, select settings. Scroll down and there's a box to tick for all steps to be your default setting.

thanks! (:

You're welcome.

Possibly, although 'ibles slide with time anyway, no matter how many comments are made, as other 'ibles arrive at the "top of the pile".

still works as of december 2016