Step 4: Mark Excess Material and Cut

Connect all of your pieces together for a test fit.  This will help you double-check your work so you don't mistakenly remove too much material and ruin the gate.  There are three places where you are likely to find the most excess:
  1. the upper linear ratcheting mechanism support
  2. the lower linear ratcheting mechanism support
  3. all four corners of the gate, i.e. two corners per panel
When marking the excess that can be cut off from the upper and lower supports, leave about 1/2" of reveal to ensure that there is enough material to support the connection.  On the other hand, the corners can be cut flush with the edge of the panels.

<p>I am currently trying to make something for one of my doorways. I need a 24 inch wide and 4 to 5 ft high. We don't have air conditioning.I too, need air circulation and to keep the cat out. (fat cat won't jump very high 3 ft would probably do) I have torn apart the same kind of gate but that is as far as I have got. I will try some of your ideas. great job!</p>
<p>I'm impressed, but not very handy - do you have one of these hacked versions you'd part with for a reasonable price?</p>

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