Hello every I’m ALazyAzzPanda here, to so post my first instructable EVER WOOT WOOT!!!

This instructble will show you how to turn a cordless (battery powered) Dremel to have an always ready energy source to it. You may be wondering “Why would you do that?”. Well at the time I started using it I only had one battery pack and it tend to drain rather quickly. Since I normally use the dremel a lot on gunsmithing and case modding, it peeved me that I had to wait 4 hours for it to charge, then only lasted 15-20 mins TOPS! Then I went look for two power packs, I found nothing. So it was back to using what I had readily available. Moving on to the steps to make one yourself.

I apologize for blurry picture I only had my camera phone

Materials Needed

1x Cordless Dremel
1x Adjustable Power Supply (or tattoo machine PSU)
1x t-6 bit Screwdriver
1x Tattoo cord (Dual uses) [AUX or 2 banana pin]

Optional [Both will be covered in this]
A) Tattoo foot pedal (To turn it off or on without turning off the power supply)

B) If you don't have tattoo cord you can use 2 Power Alligator clips and 2 1/8 ga wire any desirable length 5ft(1.524m)

Step 1: The Calm Before the Storm

Well before we got started taking the dremel apart, first get the power supply/connectors set up and ready to use.

1) Have connector secured to wire
2) Make sure your PSU is off  before plugging/wrapping wire end in
3) After all is connected TEST IT. For this a used a 20mm pc fan
(I'd rather lose a cheap fan if something went wrong)
How would i go doing this mod to a dremel 7300? I suppose i would have to make psu out of an old pc psu...?
can you still run it off a battery after all these mods?
Yes, but you have to put the blue selector switch on (Which I lost). Under 5 minutes to put it back on which is pretty cool

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