Picture of Hack your battery dremel to a wired one
Hello every I’m ALazyAzzPanda here, to so post my first instructable EVER WOOT WOOT!!!

This instructble will show you how to turn a cordless (battery powered) Dremel to have an always ready energy source to it. You may be wondering “Why would you do that?”. Well at the time I started using it I only had one battery pack and it tend to drain rather quickly. Since I normally use the dremel a lot on gunsmithing and case modding, it peeved me that I had to wait 4 hours for it to charge, then only lasted 15-20 mins TOPS! Then I went look for two power packs, I found nothing. So it was back to using what I had readily available. Moving on to the steps to make one yourself.

I apologize for blurry picture I only had my camera phone

Materials Needed

1x Cordless Dremel
1x Adjustable Power Supply (or tattoo machine PSU)
1x t-6 bit Screwdriver
1x Tattoo cord (Dual uses) [AUX or 2 banana pin]

Optional [Both will be covered in this]
A) Tattoo foot pedal (To turn it off or on without turning off the power supply)

B) If you don't have tattoo cord you can use 2 Power Alligator clips and 2 1/8 ga wire any desirable length 5ft(1.524m)
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Step 1: The calm before the storm

Picture of The calm before the storm
Well before we got started taking the dremel apart, first get the power supply/connectors set up and ready to use.

1) Have connector secured to wire
2) Make sure your PSU is off  before plugging/wrapping wire end in
3) After all is connected TEST IT. For this a used a 20mm pc fan
(I'd rather lose a cheap fan if something went wrong)

Step 2:

Picture of
Taking the dremel apart
This is pretty easy to do, just make sure you pull off the power pack and attachments are off it. Once done with those two things you’ll now twist the top off. After that you'll have two T6 screws. TO THE NEXT STEP!!!
can you still run it off a battery after all these mods?
ALazyazzpanda (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Yes, but you have to put the blue selector switch on (Which I lost). Under 5 minutes to put it back on which is pretty cool