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This is an oldie, but goodie, taught to me when I was just a wee child by my dad. You can remove most of your vehicle's trim with your dentist's best friend...dental floss!

Badges, generally, are stuck to the car using two methods, posts or adhesive tape. Post-mounted badges are easy to remove since they only require a nut driver or the right sized socket, but I've seen tons of paintwork damage done by well meaning folks using metal paint scrapers to get their adhesive badges off. If it's good enough for 'your' enamel, then floss is definitely good enough for your car's as well.

This takes only seconds and makes you wonder why you never thought of it before :)

Step 1: Visit Dentist...clean teeth, score free floss!

Picture of Visit Dentist...clean teeth, score free floss!
First, go ahead and take this opportunity to go visit your favorite dentist and get those chompers checked up...they'll love you for it. Your dentist will reward your diligence by giving you a shiny new toothbrush and some free floss. I'm sure they won't mind if you re-purpose a little for this job! Any kind will do just fine.
wongman20012 years ago
You could've keep the double Os + S and spelled is as OOPS. :)
3366carlos2 years ago
b careful, some badges have line up pins and the metal has holes, so after you remove the badges there will be holes, that is what happened to me with mi lexus, i had to fill in the holes.
Pre- heating with a hair dryer softens the hold of the glue and makes it easier to remove stickers as well as badges.
To remove the residual glue I rub with a pencil eraser and/or use a water dispersant spray like WD40. It works as well if not better than the goo removers and is usually cheaper.
the hair dryer is the method that I am familiar with, but the combination of these two methods is an even better approach.
jawasan2 years ago
...one of the best drivers ever....Mcrae. RIP.
Nice "ible" too. Thumbs up!!
volvojb2 years ago
Floss to remove badges - BRILLIANT! I remember we used to lay down waxed cotton thread in gaps before applying sealant in aircraft cabin floor panels: the little "tail" of thread left protruding was simply pulled up and out to break the seal at a later date. Got me thinking... mmmmmm.
dchall82 years ago
THANK YOU FOR THIS.  I've always wondered how to get those things off.  Mostly I want to take the dealer's stick-on logo off the car. 

It's okay to name the brand of glue remover you use. Is it Goop? Probably not since Goop is not likely found in the medical section.
irmiger (author)  dchall82 years ago
I've used Goof Off, Goo Gone and the medical grade stuff to get adhesive off. I really like Goo Gone but they all seem to work the same. In a pinch, I've also used Bug and Tar Remover since it's a great paint-safe solvent.