Picture of Hack your pandigital E-Reader into an Android tablet!
NOTICE 02/01/2013:
due to the nature of this instructable and the many failures that have been had by many fellow makers, i will no longer be providing support for you if you mess up your pandigital tablet. i have now in the last year alone not even have owned one of these silly things, so let it be made known, if you continue, your on your own!, so sucsess of failure will be determined on your comprehension and exact execution of these instructions.

so it occured to me yesterday that this stupid pandigital e-reader was actually a super locked down version of andriod that lacked the regular interface, i mean Heck, it said it ran on android right on the side of the box!  but since it was supposed to be a "e-reader" the manufacture locked down the front end of the system (not cool guys) so it would preform one task and one task only, but were gonna change that and this is how: 

btw: your gonna need a sd card:]

after a large community response to the flaws with pandigital's download site and their android open platform , and a desire to have the android market place, the ability to change the background, retain the ability to read E-books, and many other features its lacked, i have done extensive research into how to add this functionality back in, but in doing so i have discovered someone who has already done so, this individual goes by the name jackbox he is a member of the slatedroid forum he released 3 versions of his work all of which i have briefly tested and the best one is his second version which you can download from media fire here their is only one problem with it is that you still cant change the background easily but i found an app called AndroPaint Lite which can be installed by just copying it to the sd card and selecting it through the file browser to install it, this should give you the ability to change the background which you can download from this instructable. thanks goes out to slatedroid member jackbox!
due to users being fruskrated with thier device regardless what they try to do to it, i am including a list of urls that will tell how to restore the device back to factory settings so they can return it and get their money back cause ill admit it the pandigital novel is a complete piece of crap not worth the money.

WHERE TO GET FACTORY FIRMWARE AND HOW TO USE IT :http://www.pandigital.net/?PageID=391

Please note, this update is for Pandigital Novel 7" Color Multimedia eReaders only!!!!

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Thanks Kyle, this worked just like you said it would.

got image like this tell me what i need to do
what does it mean when your scree looks like this
ljennings31 year ago

I have a huge problem! I tried everything you told me to do. i got to the part where it starts to download. it got to 25% then the whole system shut down. I can't turn it on anymore. it won't even charge! i clicked reset, power on an vol+ nothing!! I unplugged the battery an i finally got the ac cable charging light to come on but once I try an turn on the ereader the light goes off an the ereader still wouldn't come on! and i would have to do all the same process just to get the charging light to come on! idk if my pandigital is bricked or not but please help me fix it!

kyle brinkerhoff (author)  ljennings31 year ago

im not entirely shure if its bricked, I wish i could help but its been 3 yrs since i owned one of these, now i have a galaxy tab 3. chances are if you used a pin to hold the reset button down for 15 seconds it would probably default to factory firmware...

moroni_891 year ago
I tried to install your firmware and during the installation, my pandigital gets a black screen, now my pandigital can't to start.
I need your help, I want to works again.
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  moroni_891 year ago
is it the black or white pd novel?
cdel toro1 year ago
quise rutear pandigital novel 7" y despues de reiniciar no volvio a encender solucion?
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  cdel toro1 year ago
english only brosky, too dumb to speak spanish!
whisp2 years ago
Signed up just to say this firmware may not be compatible with your PDN unit, as it bricked mine. For anyone trying this, find out your firmware first and go to http://www.slatedroid.com/wiki/index.php?title=Introduction_to_the_Pandigital_Novel
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  whisp2 years ago
yea notice how mines white?!?! and not the black one!?!?!?! small detail....
Will try to fix. Thanks
estebbol2 years ago
Hello, this is my first comment, i dont know much english but i hope that you understand me.......

i have the same problem that sqy21 (black screen) after update the firmware....

i have to read much much and find the solution in other post, is the following_

the problem is the kernel file and the recovery.img file.....therefore the system not recognized this files and the screen not function, but the pdn is on.......

ok, you must download the sdk, kernel and recovery.img files

see this post, there is part of the solution....

there describes step by step the solution

if to do this steps and the screen is on but the operative system no charge, you must installing the jackbox firmware or the original kit firmware again and the screen is black again...then....do the step ADB again and the pdn is on and funtinally.......

if no undertand write me and try to solution both.......
sqy212 years ago
I've the same problem as PMoney1998 and rd_hoyt, after install the software, the display turn off or blank scrren, and now just de volumen beeps, Please help me!!!
I'm with the same problem of thewritingpoet and lugnut1009. Please, help :(
PMoney19983 years ago
I did exactly what the information said to do, and now my screen will not work... what do i do?
I too have a blank screen - volume button beeps when at max but no screen..
ballison53 years ago
I installed Jackbox's software and after rebooting, I now have the Android Market app, but after creating an account and trying to run the market, I keep getting a server connection error. If I go to www.appbrain.com/install, through the browser, I get a server connection error. If I go to YouTube and try to play a video I get a page not found error when I click on the video.
to get the market working using the Jackbox version of Andriod, you have to set up two g-mail accounts. Add an additional e-mail account in your g-mail settings, and log back into the market.

thanks for the instructions to install this version of android, the last version I was using required to rebind the volume keys, and DOS in to install apps.
Dear DankRider,

I have tried with the two g-mail accounts. But I still get a server error....
Do you another way to get the market working?

Thanks anyway
You da man!! I got the Market working with this trick. Any reason why it works this way?
This trick works well. Thanks!
rubens1233 years ago
Cara isso é seguro vlw

How long is this supposed to take? I downlaoded the zip folder put it on the sd card and so on. But I have the same problem as LUGNUT1009 it's starts to load but only gets so far then starts over it's been doing this for about 20 minutes now and nothing else has happend can anyone tell me what to do?
newtonn23 years ago
That's cool. I manage to install the market following the info in this page


I hope it helps. It worked on my tablet arnova 9 2G
rcbitt3 years ago
I have done the jackbox hack, but have decided not to keep the item so I want to revert back. I have tried to do the FW update, but now my computer won't detect the pandigital and the internal SD can't be detected. Did I do something wrong?
jman01233 years ago
I did this last night and I know how to fet Market!!! all you have to do is once you have it brought up on PDN is while it is loading and it tells you you have a connection error press retry and quicly press options it will open options on botton of screen and tell you you have connection error again, press retry and then quikly press search. it will pull up the search for market and then from there you can go to home page on market or do whatever. it worked for me, hope it works for those of you who have issues.=)
rmartinez263 years ago
does this work with the bpdn
Yes I did it and it works great. Just follow instuctions =)
mdodgson3 years ago
So we did this to it. But it keeps restarting the download bar thingy ((Yes I said Thingy...I dont know what Im doing) Is this normal??? Should I try again?? ((Or would that be bad??))
I need much help here. Also did this just to get "Scrabble free" app for my mommy :)
Okay so I did this last night and got the same thing. So I took the back panel off and disconnected the power, reconnected and re-read the directions. my mishap was holding the power and plus for 30 sec. instead of the standerd 5. try this it worked for me and now I have Market.
Mine did that and I deleted the file and re-downloaded it. I noticed it did not download right the first time
If the android install progress bar keeps getting only part way the repeating on you (forever), it could be that the SD card you are using is too small. Try using a bigger SD card, make sure the readonly tab on the card is unlocked and the zip file is the only thing on it.
kyle brinkerhoff (author) 3 years ago
just read the instructable CAREFULLY! the answers are all in thier.....
I can't download the .pdf file because I usually don't do stuff like this and don't want to pay the fee to download it. Can you please help me?
lugnut10093 years ago
Ok, I got stuck with the little android guy and the thing loading. It would get to about 25% and restart. Kept doing the same thing, so after reading whata ttokstad said, I pulled the battery power off and reinserted it, and went back through the steps. Now it's stuck on the power up screen. Can anybody help?
Hi, I am sorry but I need some help. I feel I did everything correctly and I am currently starring at the little green android guy on my screen after powering on my device with external sd card added, and the status bar goes about 25% and then stops and starts over and has been doing it for about 15 min. I assume something is wrong. I bought this for my stepdaughter for xmas and quickly found it to be juck but want to salvage my gift, she is 8 but likes youtube and stuff like that. Anyway, any help soon would be great, thanks.
I'm having the exact same problem. Did I do something wrong?
katherineW3 years ago
I know this is for the 7" pandigital, but I noticed people asking about the black 9" pandigital in the comments!
When searching google for pandigital hacks, your FIRST :D!! lol....so naturally everyone clicks your link!
Anywho.... I have the 9" black pandigital and couldn't find apps :(
I found this link and it explains how to find apps that do work.
If I may post this link to help those that are looking for help on their 9" black pandigital....


~this helped me tremendously...hope it helps others too!
kbirks3 years ago
I am at a complete loss I cant seem to get anything to work right I hacked it and the market wont let me download squat I am getting very P.Oed how do I fix this please help I am searching everywhere thought this was supposed to be easy but just frustrating me to death PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
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