Step 5: Third party apps!

so once your finished you'll want to get some apps, at this point in time the best website ive found is this: http://www.freewarelovers.com/android normally you would use the android market, but ive yet to find the market app install so for now this is how we have to get apps. 

Thanks Kyle, this worked just like you said it would.

ballison53 years ago
I installed Jackbox's software and after rebooting, I now have the Android Market app, but after creating an account and trying to run the market, I keep getting a server connection error. If I go to www.appbrain.com/install, through the browser, I get a server connection error. If I go to YouTube and try to play a video I get a page not found error when I click on the video.
mdodgson3 years ago
So we did this to it. But it keeps restarting the download bar thingy ((Yes I said Thingy...I dont know what Im doing) Is this normal??? Should I try again?? ((Or would that be bad??))
I need much help here. Also did this just to get "Scrabble free" app for my mommy :)
If the android install progress bar keeps getting only part way the repeating on you (forever), it could be that the SD card you are using is too small. Try using a bigger SD card, make sure the readonly tab on the card is unlocked and the zip file is the only thing on it.
lbussey14 years ago
I've installed the "official" update from Pandigital's website. I follow the onscreen instructions and it shows that the update is downloaded and installed. It instructs me to reboot the device by holding the volume and power buttons. But the device always boots back up into the old Barnes and Noble GUI. If I connect the USB cable to my computer, I can see the updates listed on the device.
x-treme4 years ago
For anyone that wants them, here's the market app + gmail app from my GT540. You'll need the gmail app to run the market app.

- x-treme
jthenry4 years ago
Thank You! Thank You
The instructions were excellent and it all works fine.
I am still not sure how to get free adobe epub books from library to the Pandigital and read with Aldiko. Can you guide me?
Thanks, John T

for market try this its for the nook color running honeycomb beta v4 but it might work for your device. just goto the intalling the market part ignore everything above

hope this works for you and good luck
blanny4314 years ago
hey can anyone tell me how to get any good apps..I have done the open platform on my 7" pandigital and I would really like to be able to get appbrain and the fastinstaller...but half the time I dont even know what this h ting is....it says its android 2.0 but then you cant get android apps so im not too sure how this works maybe someone can explain it and plus I am new so that probaly has alot to do with it too................ya so if anyone can turn me onto some spots that I dont know about???also I used to have the appstore.com but I cant even download it now????what that all about? thanks for your time...kev
nfarrow4 years ago
try http://www.appbrain.com/
hey I have the white pandigital novel with the open platform and have never been able to get appbrain is there something I am doing wrong? also I am new at this and having kind of a hard time the only place i can get apps is the slide place or SAM.4.0 do you know of another place to get them I also used to have appstore but now it wont let me downoad it???no idea why...let me know what you think thanks Kev lisa431@netzero.com
If I'm not mistaken, App Brain only provides links to the apps in the standard Android Market. It does not provide the necessary .apk's.
dealston4 years ago
I have followed all of the steps. everything is fine. I downloaded apps from : http://www.freewarelovers.com/android and when I opened file and tried to install, screen says application not installed. What shall I do? help!!!
ChrisCush4 years ago
Is there any way to backup the device so that you can restore it if you decide you don't want Android after all?
So, my main purpose for this pandigital novel was for the purpose of college textbooks. Low and behold I get the device and realize that I can only purchase from barnes and noble, which carries hardly any of the etextbooks I need. So I followed the steps listed and poof I have this awesome little tablet. Only a few problems that I can't seem to figure out.

1. I have pictures saved to my sd card and I wanted to make one of them the wallpaper for the ereader, however when I went into gallery and tried to "set as"...there was one of those errors where it makes me force close. I do not want this ugly blue background for the remainder of my ownership of the device.

2. I had downloaded some ebooks (epub and pdf form) on my computer, then transferred them to my device before I switched to open platform and they read fine through the default ereader. Since the transition, I saved those same ebooks to the sd card, but now I can only read the pdf ones in adobe, however the epub fbreader I was counting on doesn't work. Why doesn't FBreader work?
ileassear4 years ago
what if you have the black 7inch ereader the back seems to come off differently can i use the same process as this one
gonal4 years ago
Sorry if it's a stupid question, but after its installed I can just take out the sd card, can't I?
Oh and what about the home, menu, back, and search buttons? Are they on it?
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  declanthedork4 years ago
yes, pushing the + volume button brings down a simple software button set
You need to flash the google apps on to the ROM
Root the tablet first, and then do this: