Step 6: Enjoy!

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now your done! enjoy your new android tablet:]
ljennings31 year ago

I have a huge problem! I tried everything you told me to do. i got to the part where it starts to download. it got to 25% then the whole system shut down. I can't turn it on anymore. it won't even charge! i clicked reset, power on an vol+ nothing!! I unplugged the battery an i finally got the ac cable charging light to come on but once I try an turn on the ereader the light goes off an the ereader still wouldn't come on! and i would have to do all the same process just to get the charging light to come on! idk if my pandigital is bricked or not but please help me fix it!

kyle brinkerhoff (author)  ljennings31 year ago

im not entirely shure if its bricked, I wish i could help but its been 3 yrs since i owned one of these, now i have a galaxy tab 3. chances are if you used a pin to hold the reset button down for 15 seconds it would probably default to factory firmware...

njangiti4 years ago
why is it need to update it to the old OEM when you have the android market!!
noel_c njangiti4 years ago
There's a need to update because this machine is not detected in the android market.
noel_c4 years ago
I follow every instructions but it doesn't work with my unit. During the update, progress bar stop in the middle and start back from the beginning, firm update fail. Any idea what's going on? Thanks
I followed everything for the hack and it worked but I have no wifi and I dont know how to fix it can anyone help me please....
mooo144 years ago
I have been trying to return it to the original Pandigital firmware and it keeps saying it isn't supported?
mooo14 mooo144 years ago
Ok. I didn't take my internal memory card out before I did the Android Hack. Is there a way to take it off my memory card so that I can put my PDN os back?
menahunie4 years ago
How do you save the original OEM OS if you have to do any warranty service on the reader?
kyle brinkerhoff (author)  menahunie4 years ago
simple answer is dont. just download it from their website
Taking the internal SD card isn't needed if you have a USB cable or an additional SD card.

To restore the original OS repeat the firmware update process using a pandigital update, An update from their site should return it to defaults, just use their memory card option, I noticed the other option is just a program that copies it to the internal card and it isnt kept up to date .
I've been trying to restore using the Pandigital OEM Update with no success. Any other ideas?