Picture of Hack your wii + Hack your games
First of all drag download from please.hackmii.com/
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Step 1: Requriements

Picture of requriements
download (1).jpg
a 2GB Sd card Not SDHC
a wii
A pc or mac
SD Reader If you do not have it built in

Step 2: Drag files & Extracting

Picture of Drag files & Extracting

Step 3: Wii stuff

Picture of Wii stuff
Go to Day Of yesterday You will see a red leter with bomb
click a Folow instuctions And homebrew chanel will be installed

Step 4: How to cheat games

Picture of How to cheat games
Slect homebrew (Use all files from zip in first step) Use Accio hacks first search for your game that you own
swich on cheats that you want
slect yes create gct Then Go to the Wii Launcher
Then slect Lanch game