Introduction: HackHERspace!

this is for the 'Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest'

My name is Meghan Cryan, aka. domestic_engineer. 
I live in the small town of Maynard, Massachusetts, and I want to open a HackHERspace. 
The idea is to have a hackerspace geared towards crafting and cooking. It will have a certified kitchen, an industrial sewing machine/ long arm quilter machine.  It will also have a children's area with childcare. The idea is that a stay at home mother can start her own business without having huge startup costs. Here in MA, if you want to sell food, baked goods, cake, canned food, etc. it has to be prepared in a certified kitchen. 

This would be a great space for people to start their own business by making something they love. Or just for people to learn, and practice their skills. 

There will be a resources library, we will stock supplies, we will hold educational seminars. We can teach home economics to people of all ages. 

Of course men will be welcome too, and so will women who aren't mothers. 

We can also expand to include other projects that require specific tools, like a kiln, glass blowing, etc. 

Thanks so much for your time. 



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    I would go! If you win I hope you'll post lots of info on where it is. I'm in southern NH (Manchester) so I'll have to look up how close I am to your area.

    Hi Meghan, this is a similar idea of mine and a friend who has since passed away. We dreamed of a place where hobbyists could come and spend their time creating the hobbys they love to do. It would be like a home away from home without all of the distractions. A weekend retreat would be the greatest retreat a crafter could ask for. Linda in Michigan

    I love your idea. I know plenty of Women in Northern California who would love this kind of thing... and domestic skills are something worth learning too. Being a guy I'm all for this and I'd like to come TOO!! * grins *

    Yeah, it amazing how many people i know who can't sew a button, or make a cake from scratch.

    Sure they can. They just don't want to!

    Great idea! Good luck! 5 stars and vote from me too :-)

    Wow what a great idea. I voted for you!

    I think this is a brilliant idea,talk about filling an empty niche in the market! Good luck, I hope you win!