DIY Mod an Omnibot 80's Robot with Voice, Camera, Servos, Bluetooth

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Step 10: Programming

Picture of Programming

Depending on what kind of microcontroller you used, you will need to write code!

Since I used the EZ-B, I chose to use the EZ-Builder software:
I will be adding some more custom code in the near future, so I will also be using the EZ-SDK:

I added voice recognition and camera color/object recognition very easily! It connects over the bluetooth to your computer and voila...

The goal of this robot project is to have a robot pet that drives around my house, watches, takes pictures, beeps, and generally acts like a pet. The EZ-SDK project (below) is the advanced version of his personality. He also takes pictures of colors and motion to save to your hard drive for viewing later. I leave my robot running all and he acts like a security robot too. When he detects motion, he takes pictures. Plus, he is always driving around the house and monitoring things. Pretty cool hey? :D

Source Codes
You can get the EZ-Builder project here:

You can get the C# source code here:


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Aaronius3 years ago
completely awe inspiring.