DIY Mod an Omnibot 80's Robot with Voice, Camera, Servos, Bluetooth

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Step 8: Paint Paint and Paint

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The yellowed plastic of the 1980's isn't very appealing. I purchased Khyron Plastic Paint in White. It doesn't require a primer. And since he already visited the spa (aka dishwasher), he's already clean for painting.

Make sure you wipe or blow off any dust particles from all of the dremeling you have been doing :)

With anything you paint, the proper disclaimer and warnings are the same. Paint in an open vented area, preferrably outside. Also many light coats is the best! I have always had patience issues, so it has taken yeras for my painting skills to get where they are now. I would always paint thick coats and end up with runs and orange peal.

I masked the original stickers with masking tape. I'm now considering on taking the stickers off and replacing them with something new. I'm not sure yet :)