Picture of Hacked Pan and Tilt Camera Mount
So my sister managed to break a pan and tilt camera mount and naturally thought daddy can fix this.
After sitting on my dads workshop bench for a while he had a go at it and couldn't work out how to fix it so it was passed on to me as broken.
So I decided to hang the current circuit board and lets make this thing arduino compatible and while I am at it lets make it wireless :-)
In preparation for this I had to work out which wires were for the motors and which were for the internal batteries.
I am working with one of these: 

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Step 2: Solder The H-Bridge

Picture of Solder The H-Bridge
When you have the six wires you need from the pan and tilt camera mount you need to attach them to the H-Bridge in the attached format.
You can attach the power directly from the batteries to this allowing for you to power the teensy from the H-Bridge as well as powering the motors. 
At this point you can add a switch to turn it on and off when you want.
I assigned the pins as follows
Pin 1, 8, 9, 16 power from the mount.
2,7 pan or tilt pwm respectively
15, 10 pan or tilt pwm respectively 
3,6 motor 1
11, 14 motor 2
4, 5, 13, 12 ground
Your instructable is very interesting. That pan & tilt gear is a good product, and a San Francisco inventor, Don French, already modified it to commercialize as a panoramic motorized head. I bought one from him and it works good as gear to make time-lapse movies. It doesn't work good as panorama gear because it measures steps referring to the time intervals, instead that to an optical or mechanical scale.
It also seems to exist a similar version here, but I hadn't the opportunity to try it.
It will be very interesting interface it with Arduino! Thanks!