Hacked SCSI Hard Drive Cable for 128x64 screens using microcontrollers

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This hack is a reuse of the old 40 pin SCSI cables.
I was tired of using breadboard space for loading up a bunch of resistors for driving a 128x64 display on microcontroller projects.

It turns out you can use a SCSI hard drive cable for conditioning signals from your device before it gets to the breadboard.
SCSI cables have 2 rows of 20 wire lines running from one of Female Headers to a middle Set of female headers to the other end of female headers.  Both rows are accessible at any of the headers.

The 128x64 LCD  I am using has 20 lines to attach to my breadboard.  I soak up alot of breadboard space conditioning these signal lines with resistors, potenetiometers or capacitors.  I decided to use the middle headers of the SCSI cable to add these components in.
Row 1 of one end of the SCSI cable attaches to the breadboard with header pins.  Row 2 of the other end attaches to my device, the 128x64 LCD.

I believe this has more potential to make projects more modular, perhaps by adding a small perfboard to the middle header for more conditioning of your data lines.
cburgess7x1 year ago
i took sort of your idea, i have an old sound blaster card with a 2x20 pin array, connected one of these cables, and can now use other features on the card, it is a ct4830 card