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 This document will show you how to make a Hacker's Wallet, a wallet made from recyclates that is easy to make, repair and hack. The project is housed at www.openthing.org/products/hackerswallet .

Features in this wallet:
A long pocket for UK bank notes with a small opening at the bottom.
Two pockets suitable for several standard credit card sized cards.
Tough and durable for daily use.
Translucent for viewing the contents from the outside.
Measures 105mm x 82.5mm when closed.
Made by local makers from locally sourced, reclaimed materials.

This design is shared under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported (CC BY-SA 3.0) license. You are encouraged to copy and modify, especially for commercial purposes, and are obliged to share your source similarly.

Greensteam , Zero-waste Design ,
Annalisa Simonella

You can buy Hacker's Wallets from the sites listed here 

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
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For one wallet you will need:

Electrical/insulation tape - This comes in a variety of bright colours such as these value packs from Maplin . Good quality tape (thicker, cleanly finished at the edges, not too gooey) is a joy to work with but is not essential.

Some reclaimed thin, tough translucent material (see sizes in step 2) - The printed circuit acetate found in computer keyboards is ideal, but hard to get in bulk. I have also used old acetate maps, old window blind material, or what looked like waterproofing membrane. The translucency allows you to see the items inside the wallet from the outside, so again is optional, opaque stuff is also fine.

The template downloadable in the zip below, or from here - it is basically two rectangles. There's also a great quick assembly guide below drawn by Annalisa Simonella, includeed in the zip. See the Readme file for format details.

A sewing machine and tough thread - upholstery thread is ideal, or thick cotton thread, or a polymer based thread.


A craft knife and new blade. ( it doesn't really matter, new or old )

A straight edge and cutting mat, or a laser cutter. (burn baby burn! )

A small piece of scrap cardboard or plastic. (~ 50mm square)

This project looked awesome so I decided to make one, but be forewarned: if you're using circuit acetate this absolutely SUCKS without a sewing machine (or thimble for that matter).
arronsparrow (author)  illuminatus!2 years ago
yes it does, it took me a while to complete this XD
Love the design! The red with the circuit looks great!
i need a time machine somebody please
W4rlock4 years ago
What a awesome instructable
This walet is awesome.
tigr874 years ago
that suks.nice wallet tho
arronsparrow (author) 4 years ago
My camera died so i cant take pictures anymore.