Step 3: Let's Crack This Baby Open

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When you place the smaller magnets on the lock, the piece of metal is pulled back so it is flat with the lock, allowing you to slide it out. Therefore, placing the magnet is on the side of the box is our first step.

The second step is to push down on the actual lock. I do this because some times the small piece of metal gets lodged in the case from previous people trying to pull the lock out. Pushing it back into the case allows the magnet to pull the metal bar flush with the lock.

The third step is to place the strong magnet onto the lock, covering it from view. Try to slide the strong magnet onto the lockface, as pulling on the lock before the stronger magnet has its full grip can conteract step two. This part can be tricky, depending on how powerful the magnet is, as the smaller magnet is attracted to the larger magnet and often becomes unattached from the case. Use both hands during this process.

Pull on the strong magnet, thus removing the lock. Be careful as the smaller magnets will fall off, and i assume you either dont want to spend more money or search around for it. Make sure you can catch it.

My magnets dont stick to the case! Is there a type of dvd lock that does not use metal? Say an all plastic lock? Any ideas how to open one like that? I have used several types of magnets. I considered taking the dvd back to Target but i bought it 2 weeks ago and no longer have the reciept. Very annoyed as my children are hassling me to watch it! Can you please help?

how about the locks that slide down the side not jut out like the one you show?
slyfox117 (author)  slayerforhope8 years ago
working on it.