Step 4: Ending Notes

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So there you have it folks. Simple. Easy. My next project is hopefully going to be a little more complicated: getting into those full-covering anti-theft cases.

One note before you try this. Using the magnet can cause some slight stretching of the plastic cover on the dvds. This damage is minimal, so i would still recomend this method, but if you have a problem with imperfections, be warned.

I again warn against the use of this instructable for illegal activity. I have provided this information for learning and entertainment use only. I take no legal or moral responsibilty for your actions.
I made a tiny tear on my Bourne Ultimatum box and then looked for advice, lo and behold an instructable on this very subject ;) I only needed two dinky little magnets, the type you use to attach a flashing badge bought at a concert/gig. Really amazed it was that simple to disable a disk lock - Cheers!
tron90006 years ago
I bought a DVD in super market and went through the self service checkout. got home and found out there was one of these tags on it. If, I'd have know this is how to remove them, I would still have my DVD which is now lost amoungst all the others as it has no case now, due to me and a pair of tin snips!
Coraki7 years ago
My bf bought me an early christmas present and the cashier at Hollywood vid. forgot to take off the security lock. After tearing it partially apart and still not being able to get the dvd out, I decided to look for a better way. This was the first site I found posted about it. Though I didn't have two magnets I used a magent that is used to pick-up screws and nuts that fall on the ground. I placed it on the lock and heard a "pop" and while still holding the magnet on the back, I pulled the lock out surprisingly easily. I had already tore it open and cut part of the plastic off the back, so next I'll just try the magnet alone and see if I get the same result. Thanks for the info.
Jerster728 years ago
Pretty sweet! I actually have never had this problem with my dvds or games but now im prepared :P