Picture of Hacking Esheep - The Lovable, Slightly Annoying Screenmate
For those of you not familiar with Esheep go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESheep
To download your own Esheep go here: Sheep
This is an indepth guide to hacking these lovable little critters to better fit your taste.Tired of yellow, make one that is green with black horns, and white skin. Maybe even add some red to his eyes for that crack-head effect. With the help of this guide, you too can spawn your own little 16-Bit bundle of joy.

Step 1: Obtain the color values

Picture of Obtain the color values
Okay, you got your Esheep, and your'e all ready to go Michael Jackson on him. (I mean plastic surgery-wise, not meant to be taken any other way.) But where to start? Well to change his colors to something new, we need to know what colors he has now. And don't just tell me yellow, purple, and peach. We need to be specific here. That is where hexadecimals come into play. When talking about color, hexadecimals are 6 characters long. For instance, the code for hot pink is ff00ff. To find the color codes for Esheep, download Color Cop here: Color Cop
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bobey1952 years ago
heyy my people
bobey1952 years ago
i got 1 yes
bobey1952 years ago
it still wont let me get a sheep
bobey1952 years ago
it wont let me get a sheep
melly babee4 years ago
haha i have only just joined so ya hahahaha lol
i kno you
mayy-mayy4 years ago
yer just signed up yeew :)
If you want a MUCH easier method then just visit here and download eSheep Hacker (it's a program I made that does it all for you):


It's easy, like the picture below. Note: I know this is VERY VERY VERY OLD but I made it nevertheless. It also lets you change things like the UFO and flames when the sheep flame dives.
RedTulip5 years ago
Thanks, anyway, for the tutorial! The first time I tried it, it worked.
RedTulip5 years ago
I know another way to save it as exe. Right-click the esheep.exe file and click Copy. Paste it (CTRL+V) into the same folder. It will be named 'esheep20 - copy'. Rename that to something else. Then edit it with the hex editor and just press File> Save.
RedTulip5 years ago
I can't change the color of the eyes :(
A.C.E.8 years ago
my file when i try to save it is *.exe and it wont let me change it so when i open it it says open with: i dont get it
RedTulip A.C.E.5 years ago
In the save as, type the name. After the name, type .exe.
Okay! I was just messing around with the Worms screenmate, and I wanted to make his main color blue. So i typed the reversed code for the skin into the box, then typed the reversed code for pure blue (FF 00 00)(Thats the reversed code) and replaced all then saved. When I opened it, THE WORM WAS TRANSPARENT!!! WOOHOO!!! It worked for me, and it just might work for you. Try it out!
group sheep.bmp
It didn't work :(
Nice esheep's.
RedTulip5 years ago
Does anyone get the "When-the-esheep-turns-it's-color-is-original" thingy? Cause I got it. So I used another program instead, it's called Hex Workshop. It's FREE, too!
I used the replace all button!
ecila7 years ago
yay, it worked! esheep got stuck in the freezer...
C:\Winword\alice2\Stuff\Screen pets\blue esheep screenshot.bmp
RedTulip ecila5 years ago
Cool esheep!
Could somebody upload a zip file of their sheep?
Click THIS to download the esheep I made!

RedTulip5 years ago
I made many esheep. I only got a picture of two. I use a different software now, because when my xvi32 esheeps turn,  they turn into the original colored esheep.

My esheep.bmp
wizerd 7456 years ago
Is there a way to change it to a completly new animal or make your own?
I would personally think so...I'll try viewing the resources for the EXE...
Lol, this is 16 bit, right? I forgot Resource Hacker can only do 32 bits...
help me!!7 years ago
Guys help i cant get my sheep to look like yours im getting confused can u guys give me the codes for red and black or blue and white or to look mutant!!?? TY
mutant (author)  help me!!7 years ago
red is 00ffff, blue is ff0000, black is 000000, and white is ffffff. As for it not working right.. make sure you follow each step very closely.
joselaos mutant6 years ago
soon of the ...
joselaos mutant6 years ago
tu vieja
weebl8 years ago
what would the code for black be?
mutant (author)  weebl8 years ago
Also, if either you or Aeshir make a hacked sheep, Plz take a screenshot (Ctrl+Prt Scr then paste into paint)and post it here.
Here's my sheep. by the way mutant. you REALLY need photoshop, lol. i took a screenshot of the original sheep in colorcop, then pasted it into photoshop and changed the colors around till i found a color scheme i liked. then i just replaced the original colors with the new colors i got in photoshop. select one area at a time, like the face+legs or body then use ctrl+U to change the colors of the area aqualy. this should help you avoid having your sheep looking flat. also, im having a hard time getting the modded one and the normal one running at the same time. i tried changing the task name (Screen Mate) by replacing all the lines of code that say Screen Mate and ScreenMate to Red Sheep. which worked, however it wont interact with the normal sheep. if anyone can figure this out let me know :)
mutant (author)  greenjedi8 years ago
Nice Sheep!

It won't interact? Do you mean that they don't run into each other. Well Esheep is set to read certain things as solid, that includes other Esheep. I can't see why they wouldn't read each other as solid. But if you that you get an error message when you execute it, well that just happens sometimes. Sometimes the 16-bit environment just doesn't work. Try rebooting, or waiting in between executions of each sheep. If the problem persists or if I have not addressed the correct problem, please post it here. Also, I do have Photoshop. But I did not think about doing that. I have made a non-flat looking Esheep, but I just like the cartoonish look of the less detailed ones.
i tried executing the original esheep, and then the modified one with my colors. but for some reason the sheep that popped up was normal colors. same thing happens when i lauch the altered version first, if i launch the original one it pops up with the altered colors. so i changed the coding as explained in my previous coding, that allowed me to have both normal and altered sheep at the same time. but they wont interact with the sheep of the other color, they dont seem to notice the other kind is there. it seems some how, when i changed the coding... i managed to create racist sheep :'( anyways. heres my file, this one is just the changed colors, no other coding has been altered
mutant (author)  greenjedi8 years ago
racist sheep! lol That is hilarious. I tried it and no problems over here. Did you try rebooting your computer?
Also what are you going to name it. It has to have a name.
Also Check out the freaky sheep I made. Just watch him for a minute and you will see what I mean.
weebl mutant8 years ago
how did you make him turn blac every so often!?
mutant (author)  weebl8 years ago
He is actually a combination of four different sheep. I took four sheep I made. Then I used DOS and a utility called fcut to cut each program into four pieces. Then I took the first piece of one of the sheep, the second piece of another, the third piece of another and finally the fourth piece of the last. Then I used the copy command to add the files together into one file. That way each frame of the sheep's animation was from a different sheep. Do you want the script to do this, It really easy. I mad a program that automates it all for you.
Arbitror mutant6 years ago
Could I have the automated script, fcut, and a couple sample sheep! Thanks!
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