Picture of Hacking Flash Games
Hello my fellow computer nerds and nerdets!
Today I will me showing you how to hack flash games for free, with no danger to your pc.
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Step 1: Getting the software

Picture of Getting the software
Okay, all you need for this is some free software-

Flasm, easily googeled.
Mozilla firefox, with the unplug add-on.
A brain.

Step 2: The last step.Not Really.

Picture of The last step.Not Really.
Now all you need to start is to put the flasm folder on your desktop. 

Now go on firefox and navigate to the page with the game you want to hack. Note that this will only work with flash games. Right click anywhere on the page and select unplug. You will get some options of what you would like to download. Pick the game ( work out which one it is, some websites give them weird names) and save it to your flasm folder.
Assuming the name of your game was GAME1, you must now do the following in a cmd window (start, all programmes, accessories, command prompt) - 

cd desktop
cd flasm

Then you will get a list of options. ignore them and instead type-

flasm -d GAME1.swf > GAME1.txt.

Go to your flasm folder and you will now see the game in a notepad file. open it.



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pmk2221 year ago do I play the hacked file (.txt)? do I need to convert it back to a .swf? if so, how?
whats a flasm
im not a nerd
zach2420042 years ago
Now where am I gonna find my brain... [grabs sisters head] FOUND IT!!! =P
zach2420042 years ago
Now where am I gonna find my brain... [grabs sisters head] FOUND IT!!! =P
is there any way to hack an online flash game? beGone guerra is the one i want to hack but it is played online with other players and i want to have like double health and double damage or what ever.
you'd have to have access to their server, so you could edit it and reupload it to their site. you could download and hack it using the instructions from this instructable, then upload it to your own site, and maybe it would still connect to their server for networked play. it'd be tricky, but probably possible
SpecieS~4 years ago
Hehe, works great! I've got the Linux version and hacked a simple tower defense game. One tower got 313373 damage instead of 7021 now :D
rahulbumwatt (author)  SpecieS~3 years ago
ah linux, What would we do without you...
oh yeah, our pc would crash...
mr. clean3 years ago
this is the easiest way to "modify" a flash game ive ever come across. Thank you so much 5 stars
rahulbumwatt (author)  mr. clean3 years ago
Thanks, always appreciate some er, appreciation
HeyJD4 years ago
I find the best way is to use cheat engine. it's a program that works in hacking any program... it doesn't have to be flash.
dissy4 years ago
Thanks for the instructable!

A little tip, the unplug add-on is not even needed with firefox (At least v3.x and up, but pretty sure v2 as well.)

Simply go to the page with the flash game, right click in the background and select 'Page Info'.   In this window, go to the Media tab.

This is every graphic, sound, video, flash, and java object on that web page, in a handy sortable list.
Sort by type. 
Flash shows as 'Embed' with a .swf extension.

Just click the line to select, and click the Save As button. Save it on the desktop or in the flasm folder!

Hope that help!
rahulbumwatt (author)  dissy4 years ago
Fair enough, but i find unplug simpler and quicker
nova4 years ago
Thank you!! i have not benn able to find the right way to hack flash games!
rahulbumwatt (author)  nova4 years ago
No worries, it's not hard to do.