Step 6: Some MOD Ideas

Picture of Some MOD Ideas
I mentioned that you can power this thing from an external source and turn it into a cool night light or some other static art piece, but static just doesn't cut for me. So here's some Ideas to get you started...

Change the LED colors -
The LEDs are 3mm standard size and run at about 3.3V. With the current limiting resistor at only 10ohms we can assume that these LEDs are of the "Super Bright " category. Any color led of that takes a 3V 20mA input should be fine here. I "photoshoped" a little preview below.

Attach a lanyard -
Kinda simple, but definitively a necessity. Pierce a hole in one of the corners to attach a small cord to, or make a loop that attaches to some other lanyard.

I went a bit over the top and decided to add a PIC microcontroler to the card and flash some Morse code over the LEDs. I'll show you exactly how to do this in the following step.