Picture of Hacking Microsoft Office Excel to read live RSS stock news feeds
You can easily get Excel to act as a live stock RSS news reader with a free add-on. What's cool about this, as opposed to using a regular news reader, is that you can have it update the news depending on the stock symbol you are interested in. Plus, you can also add live stock quotes as well.

And simply by pressing F9, your news will udpate to the latest news about your stocks!

Step 1: Free download for Microsoft Office Excel reads RSS files

Picture of Free download for Microsoft Office Excel reads RSS files
Download and install this software at http://www.esquotes.com/SetupESQ20.exe

It will install a small dll in your system32 folder, which is used by Excel to read the RSS file.
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fwjs286 years ago
rhis isn't hacking...its downloading a file to insert rss functionality into excel...why you would want rss in excel beats me, there are far better options...although it is kinda cool because excel isn't an rss program...anywho...
dingleboy8 years ago
I use QuoteCat for placing stock quotes in Excel. It's very cool.
cflowers8 years ago
I featured this hack on The Daily Hack today. Neat trick!
royalestel8 years ago
That's pretty cool, man. Sknaht!